Cattle Call Arena Closes Due to Rain

By Chris Furguson


Brawley City Manager Rosanna Moore announced today that the Cattle Call Arena and park has closed due to the overflow of water from the nearby New River.


At noon on Wednesday, signs and barricades announcing the park’s closure were placed at the corner of Willard and Cattle Call Drive at the entrance to the park area.


A meeting to discuss the relocation of horses in the arena area was scheduled later this afternoon with staff to assist with those efforts should they be necessary later in the afternoon.


Monday’s flooding brought several inches of water to the Imperial Valley with the New River being the county’s main method of removing the water.  With the New River close in height to the Cattle Call Arena, water from the river was seen early Wednesday morning near the Arena, prompting the City Manager’s actions.


The rainstorm on Monday was the second in two weeks.  Major flooding took place in Calipatria during the last rain event.