Michael Crimmins to challenge State Senator Juan Vargas

By Mario Conde

Republican Michael Crimmins will challenge State Senator Juan Vargas this fall for the vacated seat in the newly redrawn 51st Congressional District.

Crimmins was able to secure a second place finish in the congressional primary race to advance to the November runoff. Crimmins retired from the active duty Marine Corps following a twenty-one year career that spanned Vietnam through the completion of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. He trained initially as an artillery officer and later was designated a naval flight officer being assigned to various A-6E Intruder squadrons.

After returning to graduate school and earning two Masters Degrees in education, he taught in San Diego City Schools and then became a nonpublic high school principal. Crimmins said that he brings a pragmatic and commonsense approach to politics with the ability to solve problems.

One of his goals is to have more security along the U.S./Mexico Border since he says it is an important national security issue post September 11. Along with that Crimmins says he will push for a tamper proof US produced ID card / working permit for Mexican workers that wish to work here. He proposes to have the ID card along with a mandatory e-verify program in effect in order to identify and track those who are coming to work legally in the United States. He added that this mechanism will also have a separate database that maintains the worker’s DNA and retina scan identification information.

“We need to protect our borders and prevent terrorists from coming here and destroying our way of life.” Crimmins said.

Crimmins also stressed the importance of having a good bilateral cooperation with Mexico. He said that if elected he will work to reopen Amistad Park in San Diego and have it as a pedestrian park so that people from both sides of the border can enjoy the new amenities that will be installed there. Crimmins said that this will allow people to avoid waiting in two hour plus traffic lines at the San Diego Port of Entry and said that something similar could be implemented as well here in Calexico. The Candidate stated that he has already spoken to the highest levels of the incoming PRI party that will take over the Presidency of Mexico in December and said that they like and support his ideas.

When asked how he would solve the high unemployment rate in the County, he said that he will promote to have more department of defense jobs/military jobs come to the Imperial Valley. Crimmins mentioned how the Department of Defense brings close to $30 billion a year to San Diego County and having more military jobs in the valley will bring a noticeable boost to the local economy.

Crimmins also wants to solve the water problems of the Imperial Valley and believes that a   continuous reliable supply of fresh water is critical to sustain both the agriculture and the cattle industries of the Imperial Valley.


“I propose building a desalination plant powered by alternative fuel sources and backed up with clean burning coal generation plants in northwest Mexico on the Sea of Cortez.” Crimmins said and added, “Then, together in a joint US and Mexico partnership, a pipeline would be built bringing a percentage, as of yet to be determined, of the fresh water to meet the needs generated in the Imperial Valley and its environs.”

Crimmins mentioned that the reason he is running for congress is because he’s passionate about promoting the American Dream and is concerned about the direction the Country is headed in.


“I’m a believer in American values; we can do a lot better with the right leader who has a proven record of accomplishments with the ability to put America and her citizens first.” Crimmins said.