In Other Words

It’s Vacation Time
In Imperial Valley and elsewhere!

IT’S VACATION TIME FOR MOST OF US  HERE AT THE Weekly-Chronicle. And you will start getting some of our reports along with your weekly newspaper beginning with this issue.
Our erstwhile staff of travelers will take you to Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, and even San Diego on their wide-flung adventures during July and August.
Since most of you are on vacation or planning trips to cooler places, you might get some helpful hints on where to go and you can compare notes on what you did this summer.
As for me, I’ll probably be here right in front of the computer tube typing away while everyone is out enjoying themselves.
But, you don’t have to feel sorry for a poor old guy like me, because I have plenty of cool air coming my way via the air conditioner!
THE PREDMORES ARE OFF AND TRAVELING across the United States to Tennessee and back. One of their encounters begins on the front page of this issue. There will probably be more. Only Chris Furguson could take off every year to go to a comic book show, which he does.
He’s a devoted follower of Comic-Con, that San Diego treat of cartoon land and Hollywood, that draws spectators and participants from all over the world. About 150,000 or more. This show is so big there are even daily reports on it in regional newspapers. That means we’re right up with the times too.  Producers like to use the show to launch new movies and TV shows. Standard comic book heroes also come to life. And there are lots and lots of folks who emulate their heroes by dressing up to look just like them.
Enjoy the pictures. We’ll have those and more as the summer wears on.
ANYBODY ELSE OUT THERE AS TIRED AS ME OF LISTENING to those nasty commercials from the presidential candidates.
Lies, innuendos, half-truths, old news. Anything to smear an opponent.
So, how come they don’t address the issues and tell us what they have for a plan to get the country working and put more money back in people’s pockets?
How come they don’t talk about bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, where we’ve been forever and a day?
Or perhaps they could tell us what new and dynamic improvements they’re going to make to the country that will benefit everyone for generations to come. Like the National Park system, or the Interstate Highway system.
Well, Mitt. Well, Barack. What about it?
I know its easier to throw mud at your opponent and hope some of it sticks, but a positive program that benefits the people would be a welcome relief.
CALEXICO IS HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS AGAIN, this time with its police dispatchers. They just don’t have enough of them, or so we are told.
The council was quick to cut back services and now will have to scrounge around to find the money to upgrade its service to the public. Now they’re looking at throwing Measure H funds into the fix. Let’s see, the police and fire  departments get almost half of the city’s budget for personnel and they still can’t make ends meet.  Hmmm.
Breaking the money habit is a difficult thing to do, especially when the well you used to go to has run dry.
THAT MAY EXPLAIN WHY WE WERE SLAM-DUNKED into paying for a business license by the city and and a back balance penalty. Any port in a storm when it comes to finding money, even if it is out of the hands of businesses. But we are always the bottom line when it comes to government. Something a few of those Liberal folks ought to take heed about.
The Democrats are currently playing with fire, trying to get a tax increase passed in an election year. We don’t need a tax increase. And we don’t need more government. We need more money with less government control. Remember, the power to tax is still the power to destroy. We’ve all had enough destruction.
Imagine a Democrat saying something like that. Remember, you heard it here first.
THE LAST FEW DAYS have been a great time to get outside in some parts of the country. Even though there is a nationwide drought under way. We’ve heard one tourists area – Big Bear Lake – is actually encouraging tourists from other states by offering gasoline for $2.49 to $2.59 a gallon, if you have an out of state drivers license.
Perhaps other cities around the country could offer the same.