Calexico City Council approved a donation of $2,500 from the Police Department Asset Forfeitures Fund

By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a donation of $2,500 from the Police Department Asset Forfeitures Fund to assist CPAL with travel to the California State Championships.

The Calexico Police Department is engaged in the investigation, seizure, and eradication of illegal drugs in our community. Calexico Police Chief Jim Neujahr explained at Tuesday’s Council meeting that as a result of those investigations, the Calexico Police Department has been successful in the seizure of illegal drugs and illegal drug proceeds.

These proceeds, he said, have been forfeited to the City of Calexico for the use under the Federal Asset Forfeiture Shearing Guidelines. One of the sharing guidelines allows for the use of 15% of the assets forfeited to the City of Calexico to be used for anti-drug programs. The Calexico Police Department has used these funds for several years to assist local youth programs where good anti-drug and youth mentoring principals are common threads within the youth organization.

Chief said that Calexico has local private organizations that provide recreation, mentoring, skill development, and safe diversion for our children. Neujahr said that many of these programs have a difficult time raising the necessary funds in order to provide these important programs.

“Supporting these mentoring programs will pay benefits in the future as fewer youth get into trouble or cause costly damaged to our community.” He said.

The Calexico Parent’s Athletic League is one of these organizations that meet the requirements for use of these funds. The CPAL is in the process or raising funds to send approximately 100 Calexico Youth to the California State Soccer Tournaments in San Diego, California. The CPAL has raised a significant amount of funding on their own for the children to attend the tournament.

The CPAL approached the City of Calexico for assistance with the cost involved. Though the CPAL has raised a large amount of the funding necessary, they still lack funding for the transportation of the kids to the tournament in San Diego. It was the Police Chief recommendation that the City assist with transportation cost in the amount not the exceed $2,500, with payment to be made directly to the transportation company.

The Council approved this item with a vote of 5-0.