Calexico Special Financial Authority Approved a Subsidy Contract for Health Care

By Mario Conde

The Calexico Special Financial Authority approved a subsidy contract for $313, 865.35 for the Pioneers Memorial 24 Hour Care Center in Calexico for 2011.

Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District and Pioneers Memorial Hospital have been working closely for the last couple of year s to provide urgent care services in Calexico. After a competitive bid process, Heffernan chose Pioneers to provide an Urgent Care Center to open for a full 24 hours per day, open 7 days per week, with expanded hours.

Steve Campbell, COO of Pioneers Memorial Hospital, gave a presentation to the board and explained the process of how Heffernan and Pioneers have worked to maintain and 24-hour Urgent Care Center in Calexico.

During the term of the three-year agreement, Campbell said, Heffernan will make a subsidy payment to Pioneers, based on calendar year operations, to reduce the losses of the expanded night hours. Subsidy capped for year one at the following: $350,000 for physician coverage and $185,000 for Mid-Level coverage.

Heffernan originally opted for full Physician Coverage which was later contractually amended to allow for a “hybrid” coverage, blending Physician Coverage on the weekends and Mid-Level coverage during weekdays. Provision included which allows Heffernan subsidy payment to decrease annually, based profitability of night operation in relation to expenses. Since the expansion of hours of operation, the Urgent Care Center has treated 1, 572 patients with an average of 4.7 patients per night. 807 adult visits, 765 pediatric visits, and 807 weekend visits.

The subsidy calculation for 2011 is estimated 2,760 hours covered by Physician and 336 hours covered by Mid-level. The total subsidy due to Pioneers Memorial will be at $313,865.35.

In other news, the Calexico Financing Authority approved a request from Heffernan Memorial District for reimbursement on grant provided to the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert and American Cancer Society in the amount of $10,000.