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It’s Summertime!

WALMART IS UNDER ATTACK ONCE again for its controversial ways. Now the Asian community in Los Angeles doesn’t want theme establishing stores throughout its sprawling are and bring with them low paying, minimum wage jobs that keep people on the bottom of the earnings scale.
I find this ironic in that Wal-Mart is a store that mass markets to lower income people with lower prices on its goods and services. And it is being criticized by people who would probably benefit form those prices.
However, when it comes to contributing to the overall economy of an area, Wal-Mart has a reputation of staying on the low end of the scale and getting the most it can out of its workers without paying top dollar.
Some people think they are purposely keeping other people poor and their presence can speed the departure of smaller businesses that provide better paying jobs to the community.
It reminds me of protests that were raised when Wal-Mart announced the construction of a super center in Calexico about 10 years ago. Merchants in downtown Calexico. They were led by Joe Moreno and merchants in that area closed early on council day. Then they marched to City Hall to protest the establishment of this giant retailer.
Have they had much impact? Yes. The number of grocery stores in the city have dwindled to a handful while
Walmart food business has spired upward.New stores sprung up around Wal-Mart but there are plenty of empty spaces in those centers as there around the rest of Cole Road.
Whose to blame? Who knows? But people are tired of being pushed into poverty by greedy corporations that shut out the individual and make huge profits at the expense of the working man.
A class war is brewing in this country with a lingering recession.
Those at the top of the corporate food chain should take note before the whole thing boils over.
IT’S SUMMERTIME! Time for the Heatstroke golf tournament. Anybody wishing to go out and play golf when the temperature is pushing 114 degrees deserves a special recognition. Such an event was tried a few year ago, but I think the heat got to the organizers. Some things are just too hot to handle. In addition to sun screen and gallons and gallons of iced tea, you’ll need protective clothing, some iced rags for the back of your neck and a special cooler to put your clubs in.
Nothing like grabbing a warm putter on a hot day! You would probably need gloves on both hands.
You can get up early and go out at the crack of dawn or you can and bake.
Or if you are like me you can stay home, play video golf on your computer, think about playing on a mild day and still drink plenty of iced tea.
SPEAKING OF GOLF I always have to get a few words in about my favorite sport, even if it is too hot to play this time of year.
A year ago I was commenting on “pudding-faced” Rory McIlroy who was taking the PGA by storm and was touted by some as the new Tiger Woods.
We all want out heroes, it would seem. Rory, hasn’t lived up to the hype and finished way down the leader board in the U.S. Open.
There really isn’t a superstar in sight on the tour these days with so many golfers playing at the top of their games. Hot streaks are going to be the order of the day and losing just one stroke can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tiger, meanwhile, didn’t live up to the hype either following his first win in two years on the tour at the The Memorial. He gave it a good shot for two rounds, but cracked under the pressure in the third round. He slipped even more the next day and took a long back seat to virtual unknown Webb Simpson.
It’s always that way with the U.S. Open, however. It’s not a superstar who wins, it’s always somebody you don’t see coming, sneaks in on the last day to steal the trophy form some of the big names.
Nobody even mentioned Simpson until the last few holes of play. And then he meticulously jumped in front for the win on the 18th.
Tiger will probably have to be content with winning or finishing high in a few tournaments each year. And work hard to get another major event in his pocket.
The fire he used to display isn’t there the way it used to be. It was win at all costs. Now its more like win if I can get up for it. wining $59 million in one season does that to you. So does four operations on your knee and a breakneck style of play that may have done him in.
WE’RE ALMOST TO THE FOURTH OF JULY. Enjoy the weekend, but remember you can’t shoot off fireworks in Imperial County anymore. You can still watch them, though at the annual Freedom Fest at IVC.
If you feel like shooting off a few of them, go across the border to Mexico. You can still make lots of noise over there and not get fined for it.
Enjoy the Fourth and enjoy the freedom accorded us in this great country of ours.


The Solar Electric Power Association has ranked Imperial Irrigation District among the top ten public utilities in the nation for installed solar capacity.
The association’s 2011 Utility Solar Rankings Report details the findings of an annual survey completed by hundreds of utilities in the United States. IID earned the recognition by having integrated 4.9 megawatts of alternating current from solar generation into its system in 2011.
To date, IID’s service area is home to more than 520 photovoltaic systems, producing 9.30 megawatts of alternating current, ranging from residential to large commercial projects.
“This recognition exemplifies IID’s commitment to meeting California’s renewable portfolio standard,” said Joel Ivy, interim Energy Department manager. “IID is a committed partner in the growth and development of renewable energy within its service area and is proud to be at the forefront of public utilities adopting solar technology.”
Several initiatives, including IID’s Solar Solutions Program, have played an integral role in the viability of numerous solar projects throughout the IID service area. In 2011, IID provided more than $3.5 million in incentives to residential and commercial customers for solar projects. Due to the popularity of the program, funds have been exhausted for the current year; however, additional funds will be released for the 2013 program year. For more information about IID’s solar solutions rebate program, please visit or call (760) 482-3673


Truck where CBP officers found four liquid cocaine filled plastic jugs. San Ysidro, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the San Ysidro port of entry yesterday morning discovered 71 pounds of liquid cocaine, with a street value of $710,000.

On Tuesday, June 19, at about 3 a.m., CBP officers encountered a 46-year-old male citizen of El Salvador, driving a GMC Sierra pick up truck, waiting in line to enter the U.S. from Mexico. A CBP officer and his canine were screening vehicles when the dog alerted to the rear of the cab. The driver and vehicle were pulled aside for a more in-depth investigation.

Four plastics jugs found behind rear seat filled with 71 lbs. of liquid cocaine.

A CBP officer searched the vehicle and found four, liquid-filled, plastic jugs hidden behind the rear seat. The officer field-tested the liquid in the jugs and it tested positive for cocaine. Officers subsequently extracted a total of 71 pounds of liquid cocaine from the four jugs.

CBP officers seized the cocaine and truck. The driver, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, was arrested and transported to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

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