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Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District and the San Diego Blood Bank are pleased to announce a blood drive on Monday June 18 and Tuesday June 19, 2012, to honor Sally Mohamed. Mrs. Mohamed, a Brawley resident, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in February 2011. This disease requires the extensive use of blood platelets and blood transfusions.


Sarah “Sally” Mohamed

The good news is that since the diagnosis, her condition has greatly improved. She and her family attribute this improvement to the excellent medical care and the generosity of the Imperial Valley community who donated blood in her name to sustain the supply of needed blood. “This is an example of a community making a difference and our family will always be grateful,” stated Niaz Mohamed, Sally’s husband. “Our family has learned through this trial that the help of many can ease the burden that a major illness, such as Sally’s, causes. We are again asking the community to help support the blood drive on June 18–19, to make a difference in Sally’s and other community members’ lives. The donated blood is truly a ‘gift of life,’” continued Mohamed.

To schedule an appointment to donate blood, please go online at  The online system will prompt you through the registration process.  To donate in Sally’s name enter sponsor code “PMHD.” You may also call the San Diego Blood bank at 619-400-8241. The blood drive will be at Pioneers Memorial Hospital, 207 W. Legion Road, Brawley, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM on Monday June 18, and from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Tuesday June 19. The Women’s Auxiliary of Pioneers Memorial Hospital will be supporting the blood drive to assist individuals with the necessary paperwork

The Girlfriend of an Inmate, Mother of a 6 year old and trusted with the care for her 13 year old sister was arrested for introducing drugs into State Prison on Sunday.
On Sunday, June 4, 2012 at approximately 1015 hours, Erika Recinos (ICSO booking #930949), along with her 13 year old sister and her 6 year old daughter were processed into the Maximum Security Calipatria State Prison (CAL) to visit Inmate Moises Hernandez, F94093 (Recinos is listed as girlfriend).  Upon arrival at the Facility C Visiting Area, Ms. Recinos entered the restroom and when Ms. Recinos exited the restroom to visit with Inmate Hernandez  the visiting Officer detected a strong odor of marijuana.  When questioned by the Officer Ms. Recinos relinquished a bindle that she had placed in her mouth.  Upon further inspection by the CAL Investigative Services Unit staff, the bindle contained 14 smaller bindles that tested positive for marijuana with a total weight of 29.4 grams having an estimated prison value of $7500.00.  A representative from Child Protective Services arrived at CAL and took custody of the minor children.  Ms. Recinos was arrested by CAL Officers and transported to the Imperial County Jail for processing.    Inmate Hernandez was placed in Administrative Segregation charged with Conspiracy to Introduce a Controlled Substance into the Institution for Distribution.  CAL makes every reasonable effort to ensure a pleasurable visiting experience since it is evidence based that family contact reduces prison violence and recidivism but airport style security measures are necessary to curtail contraband from entering the prison.  There were 195 adults and 52 children that visited incarcerated felons at CAL on Sunday.  This is the tenth visitor arrest at CAL involving visitors introducing drugs in 2012 and the second arrest involving minors.

Imperial Valley, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the ports of entry in Imperial Valley seized over 2.2 million dollars worth of narcotics Tuesday in three separate and unrelated incidents.

The first seizure occurred on May 30, at about 6:20 a.m. at the Andrade port of entry when a CBP officer conducting inspections of vehicles and travelers referred the driver of a white 2005 Ford F-250 pick-up truck to secondary after detecting anomalies to the external auxiliary fuel tank.

During the secondary examination, utilization of a canine team, density meter and fiber optic scope led officers to the discovery of 25 wrapped packages of cocaine concealed inside the auxiliary tank. The weight of the narcotic was 127 pounds with an estimated street value of approximately $1,524,000.

CBP officers arrested the 22-year-old male U.S. citizen and resident of Yuma, Arizona, and turned him over to the custody of ICE agents for further investigation.

The second seizure occurred an hour and a half later at the Calexico downtown port of entry when a CBP officer conducting inspections of vehicles and travelers referred the driver and passenger of a silver 2012 Toyota Corolla to the secondary inspection area for further examination.

During the intensive inspection, a canine team screened the vehicle and the detector dog alerted to the trunk area. A search of the trunk led officers to the discovery of five wrapped packages of methamphetamine concealed on the right side of the trunk area. The weight of the narcotics was 14 pounds with a street value of approximately $168,000.

CBP officers arrested the driver, a 28-year-old male Calexico resident, and passenger, a 20-year-old female Calexico resident, and turned them over to the custody of ICE agents for further investigation.

The third seizure occurred also at the downtown late in the evening at about 11:45 p.m. when a canine unit conducting inspections of vehicles and travelers alerted to a grey 2003 Honda Accord as the driver waited in line for inspection. Both the driver and vehicle were escorted to the vehicle secondary inspection area for further examination.

An intensive inspection on the vehicle resulted in the discovery of 29 wrapped packages of methamphetamine hidden inside the gas tank. The weight of the narcotic was 37 pounds with a street value of approximately $555,000.

CBP officers arrested the driver, a 27-year-old male U.S. citizen and resident of El Centro, and turned him over to the custody of ICE agents for further processing.

In all three incidents, the violators were transported to the Imperial County Jail where they await arraignment.

CBP seized the vehicles and narcotics.


Yuma, Ariz. — CBP U.S. Border Patrol agents from Yuma Sector’s Wellton Station seized approximately 241 pounds of abandoned marijuana yesterday valued at roughly $120,500.

While tracking a group of suspects, agents assigned to Camp Grip, Yuma Sector’s forward operating base, located five abandoned burlap backpacks filled with marijuana. The contraband was seized for destruction. Agents continued tracking the group but reported no contact with suspects at the time of this release.

Yuma Sector effectively combats smuggling organizations attempting to transport contraband through southwestern Arizona. As a result, the probabilities of arrest and associated penalties cause smugglers to often abandon their drug loads rather than risk apprehension and prosecution.


NAVAL AIR FACILITY EL CENTRO, Calif. — Naval Air Facility El Centro commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway on June 4 during a ceremony at 0900 at Flag Circle. In attendance at the ceremony were local dignitaries, NAF El Centro personnel and five WWII Veterans. The ceremony consisted of the presentation of colors, remarks by the Commanding Officer and a wreath laying.

The Battle of Midway took place June 4-7, 1942, and is recognized as the turning point of the Pacific campaign in World War II. By leveraging critical operational intelligence to learn of an impending attack, the U.S. Navy was able to outmaneuver Japanese forces and turn the tables on the enemy, sinking multiple attacking ships, including four of their aircraft carriers and inflicting irreparable damage on the Japanese fleet. The Imperial Japanese Navy was never again able to mount a carrier offensive of any significance for the duration of the war.

In Captain Jones’ remarks he commented:

Victory at the Battle of Midway represents everything great about America, everything great about this WWII generation. The lessons that these heroes from this generation have taught us are timeless. We should never forget them, as they proved successful against evil tyranny during the most challenging and threatening era in our nations’ history.

Our US Navy today is shaped, molded and defined by great battles in our nation’s history. While there have been many great US Navy victories, especially during WWII, victory at the Battle of Midway is the pinnacle of them all.

WWII Veterans gather at NAF El Centro to commemorate the Battle of Midway on June 4, 2012. Art Lofgren, USN; Howard Dickerson, USN – Battle of Midway survivor; Dick Kershaw, US Army Air Corps; CDR Kenneth Holmes, USN; Dick Wymore, USN.

Captain Jones, AT1 Xangsayasane, AO1 Coachman and MA3 Reckmann present a wreath in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway while ACAR Monson performs Taps and Commander Franzen looks on.

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