From the daily archives: Monday, June 4, 2012

The Quantification Settlement Agreement and Colorado River delta restoration will be discussed
at the June 13 public meeting of the Colorado River Citizens Forum. The Forum was established by the
U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) to facilitate the exchange
of information with the public about Commission activities and related matters in the region. The
meeting is scheduled for 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (PDT/MST) at the Imperial Irrigation District Board Room,
1285 Broadway Boulevard in El Centro, California.
Imperial Irrigation District General Manager Kevin Kelley will give an update on the
Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA), allowing water conserved in the Imperial Valley to be
transferred for use by urban communities on the Southern California Coast. The QSA allows urban areas
to fund water conservation efforts in the Imperial Valley in exchange for the use of conserved water.
Francisco Zamora, Director of the Colorado River Delta Program with the Sonoran Institute, will
discuss riparian habitat restoration in the Colorado River. This project is designed to restore riparian
habitat as environmental mitigation for sediment removal undertaken by the International Boundary and
Water Commission near Morelos Dam. The project includes the restoration of a total of 40 acres (16.2
hectares) at the Laguna Grande site in the Colorado River floodplain in Baja California, Mexico.
To accomplish this, the project is following the guidelines established by the International
Boundary and Water Commission. The three-year project is at the end of its second year. All 40 acres
have been planted and the presentation we will report on project results to date.
A complete meeting agenda follows. Members of the public who would like more information
about the meeting may contact 928-782-1598 or e-mail Sandra Camacho.

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