IMPERIAL COUNTY/NAVAL AIR FACILITY EL CENTRO, MAY 11, 2012:  On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, after being alerted by Naval Air Facility El Centro Range Personnel, the Imperial County Sheriff Office (ICSO) responded to a report of trespassing and the possible theft of government property from the El Centro Bombing Ranges.  ICSO arrested two individuals, Tina Thompson-Moehrle, a 56 year old female and Stephanie Hernandez, a 41 year old female both out of El Cajon, CA.  ICSO deputies also confiscated two 5-gallon buckets of expended military ordnance as well as a loaded firearm which was located inside a 2009 Blue Ford F-150.  Naval Air Facility El Centro and the Imperial County Sheriff Office work closely to prevent trespassing onto the active bombing ranges that pose a significant threat to public safety.  Signage is in place on the boundaries of the active bombing ranges and the Navy stresses the importance of remaining out of the marked areas.


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