Burn Scars Across Southern California

(via http://s.tt/19vbP)The explosive wildfires of October 2007 in Southern California killed several people, scorched hundreds of thousands of acres, and destroyed more than two thousand homes. Based on acres burned, two of the fires, the Witch and Harris Fires, climbed into the record books of the state’ 20 largest wildfires…

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NATO Summit in Chicago: Day Two

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President Obama wrapped up the second and final day of the NATO Summit in Chicago on Tuesday. In the morning, he participated in a meeting with leaders from the 50 nations that make up the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan to discuss the next step in the transition of power there…

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With SpaceX launch, more than cargo is riding on space station mission

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By Pete Spotts, Staff writer posted May 22, 2012 at 9:23 am EDT SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, topped with the company’s Dragon spacecraft, is now three for three after a flawless launch in the predawn hours Tuesday morning. Coming after two previous successful test launches in 2010, Tuesday’s historic…

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Doubts on Iran-IAEA ‘deal’ ahead of Baghdad talks

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A mooted deal between the IAEA and Iran got a cool reception Tuesday on the eve of talks with world powers aimed at defusing the dangerously escalating crisis over Tehran’s nuclear programme. Yukiya Amano, International Atomic Energy Agency head, said on returning from Tehran that he and Iran’s chief…

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Bomb hits Damascus as Ban warns of ‘pivotal moment’ (via AFP)

Syrian security forces carried out a spate of raids in Damascus on Tuesday after a deadly bombing hit the capital and UN chief Ban Ki-Moon warned the search for peace was at a “pivotal moment.” State television said the late Monday blast hit a restaurant in the Qaboon neighbourhood of the capital,…

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