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In Other Words

There’s Too Much Trash Talking These Days With Politics As Usual The Theme

Those words, in effect, sum up the “campaigning that has been done so far in the Presidential election.
They clog the airways, fill the radio, hog the Internet and even spill to some extent into newspapers.
What’s fellow to do? The politicians start calling just after the sun comes up (so it seems) and don’t quit until well after it sets.
Now, you can believe this drivel if you want. Or you can try to find out what each party is going to do. Our elections have turned into months long smear campaigns with little substance and certainly nothing concrete that a candidate is going to do if he’s elected.  I suppose if you’re the under dog in this thing, then you’re going to want  to resort to some unusual things to make up ground. I have yet, however, to have a politician stumble on a major mistake that turned the tide of the election. What it comes down to is if you support the president’s programs or if you don’t.
But..that doesn’t fill much air time. You’ve got to have some pizzazz in there to create a controversy. Both sides have been doing this quite well and both sides are armed with enough cash to run a small country for a whole year.
We hope a lot more people than the election campaign people vote the opposite of this nonsense, and keep doing that until it stops. If not, the Polls will just keep bombarding us with it  until we’re ready to throw up. Is there any wonder why people are turned off by politics? We’re sure the country has lost out on some mighty good people who don’t want their names  dragged through the mud.
JUANITA SALAS HAS SIGNED ON WITH Denise Ducheny for her bid for Bob Filner’s seat in the U.S. Congress.
Filner is running for mayor of San Diego, leaving a vacancy in Congress.
Ducheny has the qualifications after serving  two terms in the State Senate for the Imperial Valley. She was always responsive to the needs of her district, which is what we can use in the House.
She has some tough primary competition, though, from Assemblyman Juan Vargas. Vargas ran unsuccessfully against Filner four years ago and is now back for another try. He also doesn’t mind throwing around some mud for his opponents to chew on.
The last two campaigns have gotten nasty. Look for the same to happen here before June.
Speaking of Juanita Salas., she has been a regular in Calexico at most of their functions and  was seen chatting with Vargas’  Rene Felix at the State of the City Speech in The Border City.
Calexico has a habit of drawing lots of politicians to its affairs. No pun intended, for that’s a dirty word around people in the public eye.
Daniel Romero made the speech this year, remembering his old friend and mentor Fernando “Nene” Torres. Torres was a wheeler-dealer of the first order  who spent as much time at City Hall as he did with his construction business. The speech didn’t seem the same without him.
HAS ANYBODY IN HOLTVILLE NOTICED THE large number of for rent signs around the business district?
Holtville  may be small but it has been good to those businesses which provide a good service. And lunch has always been a good service. Nana’s Cafe’ moved to a new location from Pine Avenue to the corner of Fifth and Palm. A brave move on their part considering the businesses which have occupied that space have all struggled.
Somebody needs to put a little sandwich shop back in the space where Nana’s was. It would do a good business on quick lunches and reasonably priced Mexican food. There are some positives, though.
The Taco Shop is back under the management of the Birger Clan with Missy Hernandez in charge these days, we’re told.
And the Barbara Worth’s new lounge – Caddies – serves food to hungry golfers and other patrons. The dining room isn’t open yet at the BWCC but they’ve made a lot of progress and had a full parking lot on Saturday for the events that were taking place there.
Look for more events at the “Jewel of the Desert” near Holtville.
Don’t forget the Mariachi Festival in Calexico either. Order  your tickets now and enjoy some of the finest Mariachis this side of the border. Spring is looking better all the time.

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The Hoover Legacy, 40 Years After Part 1: The End of an Era


Hoover’s casket in U.S. Capitol J. Edgar Hoover’s body lies in state in the U.S. Capitol in 1972—an honor afforded to no other civil servant before or since. Hoover died 40 years ago this week. AP PhotoHe had led the FBI for nearly a half century and worked for eight different presidents, becoming practically an institution in his own right.

So when J. Edgar Hoover’s body was found by his housekeeper on the morning of May 2, 1972—40 years ago this week—the reaction was swift and far-reaching.

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