In Other Words

An Amazing Recovery! What Does a Baboon Know? Candidates’ Debate

THE RECOVERY OF THE ECONOMY IS AMAZING THESE DAYS. We’ve gone from gloom doom and cloudy days to sunshine and clear skies.
And the economy is blooming right along with it.
Let the naysayers and boo-birds stay home. Bring forth the positive thinkers.
Imperial County is adding new buildings and housing units, as well as alternate energy sites on a regular basis.
Hildy Carrillo at the Calexico Chamber of Commerce added a half dozen new members to that organizations roster in just a week’s time. Things are definitely looking up in the Border City.
Brawley just opened its new fire station which will help protect some of the new housing being built there, even though its Economic Development Commission was closed down.
That body prospered and brought lots of prospects to the northend under Tim Kelley’s leadership. Then he moved up to the Imperial Valley Economic Development Commission. Now that body is prospering and bringing in lots of new prospects. It’s a tribute to Kelley’s drive that both organizations have been successful.
They may have asked too much to have one person handle both the BEDC and the Chamber. One was bound to suffer. But there’s still good news.
Some of the fast food and satellite pads are filling up in Brawley in front of Walmart, which undoubtedly will lead to more businesses taking a look at the area. Yes, Spring has sprung.
I asked for some quick work in Holtville to turn around its large number of empty storefronts and the city has responded. A new tire shop got permitted by the Holtville Planning Commission and is moving smoothly along to fruition.
In fact, new city manager Alex Meyerhoff is out to change business people’s opinions about the Carrot Capital. Instead of it being the red tape capital when it comes to business, he wants it to be the red carpet capital, where licensing processes move along smoothly and easily/
Such sentiments will be a welcome change for this once-proud farm town. We look forward to him carrying out his plan, since we are located in downtown Holtville and live there too.
We’re excited to see and hear about the new ideas that may be coming forth in the next few weeks and Spring takes full bloom,
It is a beautiful time of the year.
SO, WHAT DOES A BABOON KNOW? Quite a lot according to scientists from a French university. they’ve taught the apes how to identify different words from nonwords on a regular basis. The test group was able to identify 308 words out of 7,832 non-words, making them smartest than your average graffiti tagger in Imperial County.
Why at this rate they may be able to appear on one of those word identification shows, such as LINGO.
Two syllable words aren’t in their realm of recognition quite yet, but four letter words are.
I suppose I should tone down some of my columns in case they get the urge to shout some  of them my way. It wouldn’t be the first time.
With this new found knowledge, we suspect the baboon will gain in status among humans. Move over dogs and cats. Her comes your new house pet. He;s one that can read the paper with you in the morning and watch TV at night. But you might have to fight over the remote and who controls it.
Why, we might even see a TV series where the baboons Rockwell Plaza. That proved to be too dark and gloomy. This is a time for enlightenment. And some great music to go along with it. Look for a full slate of Mariachis this year as well as a week of special events.
If you look around imperial Valley there are plenty of things happening that can occupy your time and will usually support some very good causes.
It will save you time and gas money. With gasoline going as high as $5.00 a gallon in some areas (sign seen in Needles) a little relief to the pocketbook will go a long way.
THE POLITICAL SEASON IS ALSO STARTING TO HEAT UP once again as we approach the primaries.
The Brawley Chamber of Commerce will help you make up your mind with a candidates’ forum planned for May 10th at the Stockmen’s Club.
It will feature the candidates for county supervisor and give you a chance to look over the field before voting. Sometimes you need more than name recognition to decide who to choose. For further information contact the Brawley Chamber at 344-3161. We hope to see you there and at the polls.