Report Faulty Street Lights

At IID, one of our main objectives
is safety-for our employees and our
customers. We realize that properly
functioning street lights provide an
added level of safety and security for our neighborhoods and families.
It’s important to note that street light maintenance is a shared
responsibility of city, county and state agencies, but most importantly to
IID. To report a damaged or inoperable street light, or a street light that
stays on during the day, please call Customer Service at 1-800-303-7756 or
go to Please be prepared to provide the street
light’s location and any identifying markings on the pole. One of our
representatives will either schedule a service call, or contact the
appropriate service agency responsible for that particular street light.
IID fully supports your concern for
safety and security. Together, we can make our streets and neighborhoods
safer for all of us.