March Madness 2012 – as it happened

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6.50pm ET Kentucky (1) vs Western Kentucky (16)
7.15pm Wichita State (5) vs Virginia Commonwealth (12)
7.20pm Gonzaga (7) vs West Virginia (10)

FINAL New Mexico 75 – LBSU 68: And New Mexico will survive, although Long Beach kept it close most of the game.

New Mexico 73 – LBSU 68, 27.1, 2nd Half: New Mexico makes a big mistake fouling Casper Ware late, but Greenwood makes his free throws on the other end so it may not matter.

New Mexico 70 – LBSU 66, 55., 2nd Half: Long Beach is somehow still hanging on by a thread here with less than a minute to go. They’ve got three time outs to work with.

New Mexico 64 – LBSU 61, 5:44, 2nd Half: Long Beach State briefly took the lead on a thrilling dunk, but Kendall Williams answers with a three pointer, the momentum is with New Mexico now.

New Mexico 54 – LBSU 53, 12:03, 2nd Half: Long Beach has just made it a one point game.

Hotseat change: Hunter Felt takes over and it’s New Mexico vs Long Beach State…

New Mexico 49 – LBSU 43, 12:03, 2nd Half: We take you now to the West Region where the Lobos and the 49ers are in a tough game. But New Mexico looks like they’re turning it up now…

That’s all for me today. Enjoy the rest of opening day action.

UPDATES: Two other games in progress…

Vanderbilt 33 – Harvard 23 (Halftime)

New Mexico 41 – Long Beach State 40 (15:07, 2nd Half)

FINAL Syracuse 72 – UNCA 65: That’s a tough loss for Asheville. They played as good as basketball game as they could have hoped for in this opening round. But in the end, Syracuse was just faster and more physical.

And it’s not just that Asheville was a strong 16-seed—Syracuse looked like a weak No. 1 today.

FINAL Syracuse 72 – UNCA 65 They foul Syracuse…but this one is over.

Cue the tears….

Syracuse 70 – UNCA 65, 02.7, 2nd Half: And Syracuse steals the ball!

That’s going to be the ballgame.

Tough one for Asheville.

Syracuse 70 – UNCA 65, 0:17, 2nd Half Asheville wasting a lot of time here…

Syracuse 70 – UNCA 65, 0:21.9, 2nd Half: Chris Stephenson fouls out of the game as Syracuse steps to the line.

They sink both.

Syracuse 68 – UNCA 65, 0:21.9, 2nd Half: Wow, did the refs blow the call on that inbounds.

Now it’s a two-possession game with 25 seconds.

And Asheville at the line. Now they’re within 3.

Syracuse 66 – UNCA 63, 0:36, 2nd Half: Back at the other end, Syracuse makes a foolish foul.

And on the inbounds, Syracuse loses it…but the refs blow the call again! Oh that’s a BAD call.

And now Dickey fouls for Asheville.

Syracuse 64 – UNCA 61, 0:58.3, 2nd Half And Jaron Lane drains another three for Asheville!

It’s a three-point game with less than a minute.

And, man, does that foolish lane violation hurt now. Lane violation? What is this, high school j.v.?

Syracuse 64 – UNCA 58, 1:15, 2nd Half: Syracuse is in no rush here. They had a perfect one-on-one situation and slowed it down. Now Asheville fouls.

Ooh…bad call. Lane violation on one of the free throws! Replay shows it wasn’t.

Syracuse 62 – UNCA 58, 1:30, 2nd Half: Dickey can’t shoot…but he can still pass. Sweet feed to Atkinson. And it’s a 4-point game with 90 seconds to play.

Syracuse 62 – UNCA 56, 1:56, 2nd Half: Asheville uses its last timeout. And they have no fouls to give. It’s gut-check time for them.

Squeaky bum time for Syracuse.

Syracuse 62 – UNCA 56, 2:10, 2nd Half:Asheville’s Stevenson cuts Syracuse’s lead to 6 with a couple of free throws. Then UNCA steals the ball…and Dickey misses a layup!

Scrapping for the ball…and the Bulldogs get it back. Again.

UPDATES: Two other games underway…

Harvard 17 – Vanderbilt 16, 6:33, 1st Half

New Mexico 33 – Long Beach State 29 (Halftime)

Syracuse 62 – UNCA 54, 2:37, 2nd Half: And James Sutherland drains a three for the Orange. Syracuse on an 8-0 run here. And looking like they’re ready to put this game away.


Syracuse 59 – UNCA 54, 3:11, 2nd Half: And Dickey keeps coming up short on every shot. (And let’s face it, nobody likes a short Dickey.)

Someone else needs to step up here for Asheville. Their defense is holding up, but they just can’t score.

Syracuse 59 – UNCA 54, 4:41, 2nd Half: This is a dangerous time for Asheville. Dickey really needs to start sinking some shots if Asheville has a chance of pulling off this upset.

But he just can’t find his stroke.

Syracuse 54 – UNCA 54, 6:20, 2nd Half: How long can Asheville rely on wild shots from angles that would scare Pythagoras?

Still, they’re going in.

These Bulldogs are playing like bulldogs…


Syracuse 52 – UNCA 50, 8:00, 2nd Half: Asheville is wisely slowing the tempo, taking 25 or 30 seconds off the shot clock on every possession, but it will work against them if they can’t score.

And Syracuse is answering with VERY physical play on the other end.

UNCA 48- Syracuse 47, 10:15, 2nd Half: After a couple of free throws by ‘Cuse, UNCA answers with a strong drive to the basket.

Asheville is in no hurry now…

UNCA 46- Syracuse 45, 11:15, 2nd Half If Asheville can keep hitting threes, they can stay with Syracuse. But that’s a lot to ask late in the game. UNCA has to get more physical because you can feel the Orange squeezing them.

UNCA 46- Syracuse 45, 11:36, 2nd Half Asheville is not taking good shots and the Orange continue to out-muscle them on the boards.

Asheville is relentless here. They will not be intimidated.

UNCA 43- Syracuse 41, 14:16, 2nd Half: After Syracuse went on an 8-1 run, Asheville answers with a big three!

They are not intimidated by this Syracuse team that is bigger and faster.

Syracuse 41 – UNCA 40 , 14:56, 2nd Half: And there it is! Syracuse has finally taken the lead. They came out of the locker room clearly pumped up, playing hard and fast—beating UNCA to every loose ball.

Asheville calls a timeout to regroup. And the Orange are fired up.

UNCA 40 – Syracuse 39, 15:23, 2nd Half:Back to Pittsburgh for the second half of Syracuse and UNC-Asheville.

UNCA looks like they’re really trying to control the tempo early, keep the game slow-ish, but Syracuse won’t let them.

BONUS COVERAGE Marquette 74 – BYU 61, 7:03, 2nd half They have been having some moisture problems with the floor in this game. (Though not from where I’m sitting. It’s nice and dry here.)

Meanwhile…Long Beach State and New Mexico have tipped off:

UNM 11- LBSU 10

BONUS COVERAGE Marquette 69 – BYU 56, 9:24, 2nd half: Marquette has really stepped it up here, playing a much more physical game, particularly when it comes to rebounds.

After a brief BYU surge, Marquette calls a timeout to settle down.

Marquette 66 – BYU 52, 11:21, 2nd half:
Marquette is stepping up the physicality here—they are not going to let Mitt Romney’s alma mater back into this game.

Orange you glad we can also talk about Syracuse?
@twayward tweets: “just when it seemed this would be a dead afternoon, the NCAA Tournament rises from the Asheville.”

This would be a huge upset—historical—if Syracuse loses to UNCA. But there is a LOT of basketball yet to play.

BONUS COVERAGE: While Syracuse is at the half, let’s move to the West Region, where Marquette is dominating BYU.

Marquette 60 – BYU 51 13:06, 2nd half

UPDATE: We have another final score:

Wisconsin 73 – Montana 49 (The Badgers will face the winner of Harvard-Vanderbilt in the next round. That game tips off in 15 minutes, by the way.)

UNCA 34 – Syracuse 30, HALFTIME Let’s put this Syracuse game in perspective…

In the history of the NCAA Tournament, a No. 16 seed has never upset a No. 1 in the first round. And this is only the seventh time in history that a 1-seed has trailed a 16-seed at the half.

So clearly Syracuse needs to make some adjustments.

UNCA 34 – Syracuse 30, HALFTIME: Syracuse makes a last-second shot as the half ends and gets the foul! But had the shot clock expired? Sure looked like it….

The refs take a second look…and it’s not allowed.That would have been a big lift at the end of the half for the Orange. Instead, they go into the locker room down by 4.

UNCA 34 – Syracuse 30, 0:39, 1st: The scary thing for Boeheim in this first half is that UNCA is playing this well and their leading scorer, Matt Dickey, has yet to make a basket.

Also…yes, UNCA’s Keith Hornsby, who just hit a big 3, is the son of musician Bruce Hornsby.

UNCA 29 – Syracuse 27, 2:01, 1st: Syracuse is trying to pick it up under the boards here and remind Asheville why they’re a No. 1 seed. It’s as if they’ve just realized they’re the bigger, stronger team.

UPDATES: Marquette 49 – BYU 34 (Halftime)

Wisconsin 66 – Montana 44 (3:32, 2nd Half)

UNCA 27 – Syracuse 22, 4:29, 1st Half: We take you know to the East Region, where the No. 1 seed, Syracuse, is looking very shaky against UNC-Asheville.

The loss of Melo has really taken the Orange out of their game.

And the crowd is clearly behind the Bulldogs…

FINAL Louisville 69 – Davidson 62: Louisville somehow let the Wildcats back in the game at the end, but it was never really in danger.

A very strong opening performance by Louisville. They got into some foul trouble…but Rick Pitino can work that out by the next round when the Cardinals will face the winner of New Mexico and Long Beach State.)

Louisville 67 – Davidson 60, 0:22 2nd Half: This has been a very solid opening game for Louisville. They came out strong and clearly took Davidson out of their game early.

And just as Davidson looks out of it…Louisville fouls on a three-point attempt. Why?

Louisville 65 – Davidson 55, 0:51 2nd Half: And Louisville continues to be solid at the line, shooting 77%.

Once again…Davidson fouls. And prays Louisville misses.

Louisville 63 – Davidson 53, 1:04 2nd Half: Louisville up by 8 with the ball…and all Davidson can do is foul. Rick Pitino calls a timeout.

Louisville 63 – Davidson 53, 1:25 2nd Half: Louisville is playing smart ball in these final minutes, giving up the two, which can’t really hurt them with this much time left on the clock. All Davidson can really do at this point is foul and make Louisville miss at the line.

Which they don’t.

Louisville 59 – Davidson 51, 1:53 2nd Half: A desperate three has brought Davidson to within 8 points, but it really feels like too little too late.

Louisville 58 – Davidson 44, 3:22 2nd Half: Davidson is not only running out of time, they’re running out of steam. Louisville is firmly in control of this one…so we’ll head over to Wisconsin-Montana soon, where the Badgers are up by 16 in the second half.


Louisville 56 – Davidson 44, 4:23 2nd Half: Davidson just keeps launching these sad bombs from behind the three-point arc. And all the Wildcats can do on defense is foul Louisville to stop them from scoring. Except for all those free throws.

Time is really running out for Davidson.

In other games: Marquette 35- BYU 19 (6:56, 1st Half)

Wisconsin 43 – Montana 30 (16:13, 2nd Half)

Syracuse – UNC Asheville has just tipped off…

Louisville 55 – Davidson 44, 6:23 2nd Half: The Cardinals are just so much stronger and so much faster than Davidson. They beat the Wildcats to every ball. Even if Louisville doesn’t score, they’re still letting the time run down.

Louisville 52 – Davidson 42, 8:20 2nd Half: Davidson fiiiiinally hits a three. That brings it back to a 10-point game. The Wildcats still need to turn up the defense here.

Louisville 51 – Davidson 39, 9:27 2nd Half: Davidson can’t hit the three — not sure why they need to go for them with so much time left — but they’re not exactly hitting twos either. And they continue to be weak under the boards.

Louisville 49 – Davidson 37, 10:55 2nd Half: Chane Behanan has really come up big against Louisville. With plenty of time left in the second half, he already has a double-double.

But Louisville is fouling…so Pitino has to go to his bench.

Louisville 47 – Davidson 37, 11:23 2nd Half: The Cardinals are just getting too many second chances under the basket. Davidson has to start pulling down some rebounds if they’re going to claw their way back.


Wisconsin 39 – Montana 29 (Halftime)

Marquette 22 – BYU 14 (11:37, 1st Half)

Louisville 45 – Davidson 37, 12:17 2nd Half: Mann continues to have a solid game for Davidson, but now they have to hold defensively. Louisville has just been too strong on the boards.

Louisville 43 – Davidson 32, 13:35 2nd Half: Louisville has opened up its biggest lead in this game and looks to be in control.

Substitution: Thank you, Mr. Lengel…

Let’s get everyone caught up on all the games:

FINAL: Murray State 58 – Colorado State 41 (Next up for Murray State is the winner of Marquette-BYU)

FINAL: Kansas State 70 – Southern Miss 64 (K. State will meet the winner of Syracuse-UNC Asheville)

Wisconsin 39 – Montana 29 (at the half)

Marquette 18 – BYU 5 (14:15, 1st Half)

Louisville 41 – Davidson 32 (15:21 2nd Half)

In the hot seat: Michael Solomon will now take over the liveblogging duties…

Southern Miss 64 Kansas State 70 Final Big thanks to Kansas State for screwing up my bracket. The Wildcats move on, and will play the winner of Syracuse and NC Asheville. Apologies to Montana and Wisconsin fans, who haven’t gotten any love whatsoever. The Badgers are heading towards halftime with a 37-28 lead over the Grizzlies.

Southern Miss 61 Kansas State 67, 00:31 2nd Half Dodson forces a three that’s off the mark, Jamar Samuels gets the rebound, and So Miss has to foul. That’s Dodson’s fifth foul, which means he’s gone. I’ll miss him, really.

Southern Miss 61 Kansas State 64, 00:58 2nd Half Torye Pelham steals the ball and sends it down to our man Dodson who lays it in to close the gap once more. Southern Miss call for time with under a minute to play, it’s our first close finish of the tournament-that kind of makes me excited.

Southern Miss 59 Kansas State 64, 1:27 2nd Half Pretty reverse layup from Kansa State guard Angel Rodriguez who was able to find room to move in the paint. A bit more breathing room for the Wildcats heading into a timeout.

Southern Miss 59 Kansas State 62, 2:25 2nd Half There’s Darnell Dodson again, in the middle of everything–he steals, he dunks, he’ll make you dinner. We have a three point game here. Buckle up.

Southern Miss 55 Kansas State 60, 3:12 2nd Half LaShay Page is the high man for the Golden Eagles with 15. His team are down five by just five with under four minutes remaining after Darnell Dodson’s rebound turns into two points.

Southern Miss 51 Kansas State 57, 5:37 2nd Half Rodney McGruder is the top scorer in this game, he has 30 as the Wildcats start to finally take control of this game. It doesn’t help that So. Miss has missed 10 of their last 11 shots.

Davidson 25 Louisville 33 Halftime It’s a bit more comfortable now for Louisville, mostly thanks to The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, sometimes known as the Davidson Wildcats. Let’s move over to Kansas State and Southern Miss.

Davidson 24 Louisville 31 00:33, 1st Half It’s now official, Murray State 58 Colorado State 41. They will play the winner of Marquette vs. BYU match-up.

Davidson 24 Louisville 31 00:59, 1st Half Louisville are careless with the basketball, but since Davidson can’t hit their three’s they aren’t taking advantage here. Then Russ Smith comes back for the Cards and burys a three, making it a seven point game. Davidson should be kicking themselves.

Davidson 24 Louisville 28 1:45, 1st Half Update, they are under way in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where #13 seeded Montana are taking on the fourth seed Wisconsin. The Badgers are up 17-11 in the first half.

Southern Miss and Kansas State are tied at 51 with 7:47 left in the second half.

Davidson 24 Louisville 26 2:49, 1st Half Siva is called for an offensive foul after the Southern Conference player of the year, Jake Cohen, hits a jumper for Davidson. Louisville’s lockerroom is going to be loud at half-time. To early to start talking upset, but Davidson are hanging in there depite shooting badly.

Davidson 22 Louisville 26 3:33, 1st Half Nathan Hughes tweets: “Murray State are, IMO, definitely goin to Final Four and are sleepers to win it all. Been saying so all week.”

They will win today without their main man Canaan firing on all cylinders, so there is definitely upside for the Racers.

Davidson 18 Louisville 22 6:33, 1st Half
Louisville’s defense is extremely tight, but a patient Davidson break it down, moving the ball well, into the hands of Clint Mann who slams it home, prompting a Cardinals timeout.

Davidson 15 Louisville 20 8:16, 1st Half Kyle Kuric is Louisville’s leading scorer, he takes a feed from Siva and converts a jumper. He has nearly half of the Cardinals points here. Meanwhile Murray State are about to become the first team through to the next round as their second half domination continues. Southern Miss is up 45-42 with nearly eight minutes gone by in the second half. It’s an 8/9 game, but most thought that the Wildcats were two athletic for S. Miss. and they are more than holding their own.

Davidson 15 Louisville 16 10:15, 1st Half
Standout junior guard Peyton Siva is banged up, and thus, has been dissapointing this season, but he turned it on in the Big East final somewhat dramatically. His performance will be the key to any Louiville run in the tournament. Meanwhile, the Cards Gorgui Dieng grabs a board and hits a little jumper to put them on top by one. He is definitely the best Senegalese player on the floor right now.

Davidson 10 Louisville 12 13:40, 1st Half Louisville suprised many by winning the Big East Championshipo at the Garden last week. The skinny with them is that injuries have kept them from performing at full speed, but as they get healthier, Rick Pitino says a New York Giants typ run is possible. Meanwhile, tiny Davidson, a North Carolina school of around 2000 students, are keeping up with the Jones’ for now. Sophmore forward De’Mon Brooks is their man, averaging 16 ppg.

Davidson 10 Louisville 12 16:03, 1st Half With Colorado State getting pummeled in the second half, let’s move to Portland, where #4 seeded Louisville are taking on the #13th seed Davidson.

Colorado State 26 Murray State 39 12:24, 2nd Half More points off turnovers for the Racers. Jesse Carr’s long pass is intercepted by Zay Jackson, who says thank you very much and pops a three. This is getting out of hand here.

Colorado State 26 Murray State 34 14:22, 2nd Half Have you all filled in your brackets? Made your predictions? Care to share?

ShakerFox below the line has his:

“My final four are.

North Carolina.

UK to be National Champs.”

Colorado State 26 Murray State 34 14:22, 2nd Half How about 13 boards for Hornung! CBS says his career high is 17. Meanwhile Edward Daniel’s hard work in the paint pays off fopr Murray State, his layup puts the Racers up by eight. Turnovers are killing the Rams here.

Colorado State 26 Murray State 32 15:38, 2nd Half Meanwhile, they are at the half in the East, in Pittsburgh, where Kansas State is up 30-27 over Southern Miss.

Colorado State 24 Murray State 30 15:51, 2nd Half Hornung puts it in from inside, where would they be without him? It’s the Rams first points of the half.

Colorado State 24 Murray State 30 17:00, 2nd Half So far Miles’ team is getting run in the 2nd half, a 7-0 run for the Racers and their defense is tight. Meanwhile Donte Pool got an elbow in the face from Wes Eikmeier, a flagrant foul. Time out on the floor, a break that could help Colorado State catch their breath.

Colorado State 24 Murray State 25 18:43, 2nd Half CBS reminds us that Coach Miles is a tweeter: @CoachMiles “Win the half, we’ll win the game.”

Southern Miss 25 Kansas State 23 4:12 1st Half Watson is blocked by Irving as he drives down the lane but picks up the foul and converts the foul shots. Southern Miss is up.

Southern Miss 20 Kansas State 21 5:25 1st Half As we bounce around the nation to the east, Southern Miss, a team that hasn’t been in the tourney in 21 years is hanging with Kansas State, a tough defensive club. Neil Watson has eight points, his latest, a three from the left side of the arc. The Golden Eagles are balanced offensively, and Watson is a good example of their getting help from all parts of the roster.

Colorado State 24 Murray State 23 half-time These teams have picked up the pace in the final three minutes of the half. Jesse Carr has the big bucket, another Rams three-ball to give the Rams the lead heading into the locker room. Tim Miles, Colorado State’s head coach will be thrilled with his team–if they can trim the turnovers and keep up their perimeter play, we’ll have an upset in the first game.

Colorado State 19 Murray State 21 2:56 1st Half Meanwhile, the second game is underway: Southern Miss (9) vs. Kansas State (8), who are up by two early on.

Colorado State 19 Murray State 20 2:56 1st Half Airball on a little hook in the post from the Racers Ivan Aska, then a seventh turnover by Colorado State. Points are at a premium right now.

Colorado State 19 Murray State 20 3:47 1st Half Colorado State looked like they might be rolled over for a moment there, but they’ve locked it down defensively, and have a certain poise. The Rams are out rebounding the Racers, and outshooting them from three-point-land–they’ve got to be happy about where they are right now.

Colorado State 17 Murray State 20 4:24 1st Half Daniel getting more involved, drawing a foul in the paint, but misses both free throws. Hornung with another board, that’s nine! He’s strong, must be related to a famous football player or something.

Colorado State 15 Murray State 18 8:28 1st Half Edward Daniel has the best hair on the floor, and a decent array of moves in the low post. He puts the Racers up three.

Colorado State 13 Murray State 16 9:13 1st HalfBoom! Here come Murray State, with a mix of permiter shooting and penetration. Canaan got on the board with a three, and then Stacy Wilson followed with another long ball. Zay Jackson managed to get by that animal Hornung and just like that the Racers are up. You can see how dangerous they are now.

Colorado State 13 Murray State 8 11:47 1st HalfHornung is causing problems for Murray State, he has seven rebounds already and is a presence in he middle. Meanwhile, Poole has all but one of Murray State’s points.

Colorado State 12 Murray State 8 12:29 1st HalfMurray State lost exactly one game this year and are 30-1. Naturally they come in with some expectations. Last time they were in the tourney, the Racers were within a bucket of upending Butler, a team that went on to the Final Four. Isaiah Canaan was talking a lot over the past few days about how important it is to him to make up for the dissapointment of two years ago when he was a freshman.

Colorado State 7 Murray State 3 15:45, 1st Half Both of these teams shoot well, and have started out hot from the perimeter. Pool hit a three and then Wes Eikmeier, Colorado State’s leading scorer hit a three ball himself. Time out on the floor.

Colorado State 4 Murray State 0 18:13, 1st Half Pierce Hornung is the big man for the Rams, he has the first four points and a board–he is 6’5 but plays bigger.

This is a game that’s all about guard play. Junior Isaiah Canaan is the headliner for Murray St. Donte Pool is also a standout.

Preamble: Welcome to one of the best days of sports there is – it’s finally NCAA Tourney time, and today, no less than 32 teams will take to the floor looking to advance, writes David Lengel. This is the start of hours and hours and hours of continuous live basketball coverage, so, if you haven’t already, fill out your bracket and follow the games along with us. What we love about the tournament is the unpredictability, and chances are, by about midnight on the east coast, your bracket will have a few hiccups, I know mine will.

Here is the March Madness day one schedule:

Murray State vs. Colorado State, 12:15 p.m. EST

Kansas State vs. Southern Miss, 12:40 p.m. EST

Louisville vs. Davidson, 1:40 p.m. EST

Wisconsin vs. Montana, 2:10 p.m. EST

Marquette vs. BYU, 2:45 p.m. EST

Syracuse vs. UNC Asheville, 3:20 p.m. EST

New Mexico vs. Long Beach St., 4:20 p.m. EST

Vanderbilt vs. Harvard, 4:40 p.m. EST

Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky, 6:50 p.m. EST

Wichita State vs. VCU, 7:15 p.m. EST

Gonzaga vs. West Virginia, 7:20 p.m. EST

Baylor vs. South Dakota State, 7:27 p.m. EST

Iowa State vs. Connecticut, 9:20 p.m. EST

Indiana vs. New Mexico State, 9:20 p.m. EST

Ohio State vs. Loyola Maryland, 9:50 p.m. EST

UNLV vs. Colorado, 9:57 p.m. EST

Everybody has their bracket tendencies. I can’t help myself when it comes to Ivy League teams, I have to pick them, even if I know they’ll go out in the first round. Actually, Harvard are pretty talented, and of course, they have Jeremy Lin’s aura following them around. Maybe this is the year that pick doesn’t destroy my bracket. How about you? Send us all your predictions, thoughts, recipes and bank account numbers–a tremendous day of basketball beckons!

Email us at or post a comment below or you can contact us via Twitter. The liveblogging duties will be shared by the Guardian US sports team, starting off with David Lengel, who can be found on Twitter @LengelDavid

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