From the daily archives: Friday, March 9, 2012

The Brawley Chamber of Commerce announced today named Kathryn C. “Katie” Figari of Yuma, AZ, as its new Executive Director.
The former owner of a mortgage and real estate business, Figari currently teaches third grade. She also has experience running a nonprofit organization. Her first day as Brawley Chamber Executive Director will be March 19.
“Our Board was very impressed with the level of private business experience and non-profit organization management experience Katie has,” said Brawley Chamber Board President Denise Smith. “We all felt she would provide great service to the Chamber and be a great fit with the Brawley business community.”
Figari’s resume lists her major strengths as: team building/leadership; staff training and development; grants management; operation management; budget/cost control and business planning.
She went back to school to earn her master’s degree in education and teaching credential after a career in various business including sales and grant development and administration. For 15 years, she and her husband owned a mortgage and real estate business in Yuma. As a business owner, she was a longtime member of the Chamber in Yuma.
She also was the president of a Yuma adult literacy organization that was in financial crisis and without an Executive Director when she led an effort to restructure the organization, correct deficiencies and get it back in compliance with state and federal guidelines.


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1.02pm: Barack Obama: mercantilist. Speaking at a car plant somewhere in America this afternoon, the president said:

I don’t want stuff made there and sold over here. I want stuff made here and sold over there.

D’oh. In fact “stuff” can be made here and there, and sold both here and there. It’s called comparative advantage, and everybody wins.

An odd example from the latest trade figures published today: US imports and exports of cars rose during February.

12.46pm: So what happens if Mitt Romney actually wins one of Alabama or Mississippi next Tuesday? It could be all over, according to an enthusiastic Romney staff member:

In a message obtained by Politco, regional political director Michael Joffrion asked Romney volunteers in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia to pitch in for next week’s elections – and close out the 2012 primary season.

“I know everyone is exhausted and still scatter brained from Tuesday. With that said, I need a HUGE favor. We are within one point here in Alabama. A win in Alabama will end this process,” Joffrion wrote.

Larry Sabato, the Oracle of Charlottesville, appears to agree:

And not just Newt but Rick too, surely.

12.22pm: Hey it’s another poll from Mississippi, this time from Rasmussen Reports:

A new statewide telephone survey of Likely GOP Primary Voters in the Magnolia State shows Romney with 35% of the vote, while former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich each draw support from 27%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul runs last with six percent (6%).

11.56am: Oh god: get ready for the third coming of Newt Gingrich, based on today’s polls from Alabama and Mississippi.

Mississippi: according to a post-Super Tuesday ARG poll, Newt Gingrich leads with 35%, Mitt Romney with 31%, Rick Santorum with 20%, and Ron Paul with 7%.

Alabama: according to Rasmussen Reports, Gingrich is just ahead with 30%, compared with 29% for Rick Santorum and 28% for Mitt Romney. Ron Paul trails with 7%.

Yikes. If that patterns holds, then no one is dropping out anytime soon. Except in this scenario: Mitt Romney wins both Alabama and Mississippi, which he could easily do based on these polls. In that case, it might very well be all over.

In conclusion: only time will tell.

11.29pm: Before HBO’s Game Change makes you all sentimental about Sarah Palin, the real life Sarah Palin smacks you across the face like a Rush Limbaugh apology.

Appearing as herself on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night, the former governor of Alaska accused Barack Obama of being a pre-Civil War Southern confederacy slave-supporter, or so it would appear. Yes, it’s that crazy.

11.05am: And some more good news – in one sense – from the US economy, in the form of a widening trade deficit.

The US trade deficit hit $52.6bn last month, with both imports and exports up. Why a deficit is good news: it suggests domestic demand is picking up, enough to suck in more imports.

And it wasn’t oil: there was a 10% increase in imports of cars and auto parts, and more importantly in imports of capital goods such as computers and industrial machinery.

10.40am: The reviews are in for Game Change, the 2008 election-o-drama debuting tomorrow night on HBO.

The Los Angeles Times likes it and supplies a thoughtful review:

It is impossible, and superfluous, to attempt a letter-perfect chronicle of almost any historical event, especially a political campaign, and no doubt Palin and others depicted here will argue that the script takes liberty with the facts, if only in the selection of which events or conversations are presented and which are not.

But the overall atmosphere of the film is surprisingly kind to all, much more fatalistic than hypercritical and certainly not derisive. Palin’s rise and fall is depicted as series of bad decisions made in relatively good faith that lead up to a hideous car crash.

The Wall Street Journal goes with a lazy, snotty review:

Truth be told, “Game Change” does not make anyone look good. John McCain, as portrayed by Ed Harris, comes across as an insecure figure, part Bubba, part booby, with repetitive expletive syndrome.

10.30am: More detail on the rosy jobs numbers, from the CEPR’s Dean Baker:

The rise in manufacturing employment was impressive; with upward revisions to the prior two months, the sector has added 111,000 jobs over the last three months. The auto industry has been a driving force, directly accounting for 20,700 of these jobs. The pace of growth may slow, but it seems likely that manufacturing will be a major force in the recovery going forward.

That’s also good news for the White House, since its support of the auto industry has been a subject of much debate, and similarly bad news for Mitt Romney, who wanted Detroit to drop dead (I paraphrase).

10.20am: The RomneyBot 2000 software had another bug yesterday, revealed when the Mitt Romney avatar said the following in a speech in which he described how he was being turned into “an unofficial Southerner”:

I am learning to say ‘y’all’ and ‘I like grits,’ and things. Strange things are happening to me.

What a stroke of luck that Mitt Romney should learn to like grits just before a crucial election. And it’s not at all patronising.

The Associated Press, meanwhile, suggests that while Romney has endorsements from almost all of the state GOP hierarchy in Alabama and Mississippi, the actual voters are not so convinced:

Waiting to hear [Newt] Gingrich speak Thursday in Jackson, Shane Brown, a 43-year-old nondenominational Christian minister, said he and his wife are not Romney fans but they’re resigned that he will probably win the nomination.

“He just does not seem like a real person,” Brown said. “We’re going to end up getting a candidate that the base doesn’t really love. You may go vote for him, but you’re not going to tell 10 people to go vote for him.”

He said that enthusiasm gap will hurt the Republicans. “I think that’s something the party establishment doesn’t quite understand.

Not a real person? But he likes grits, since yesterday.

10am: The latest job figures are unalloyed good news for the White House and President Obama’s re-election hopes – and put the Republican party and its presidential candidates into a pickle.

US employers added 227,000 jobs in February, and January and December figures were revised up by 61,000, meaning the economy has now generated an average of 245,000 jobs in the past three months.

And while the unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.3% despite the job growth, that was also a form of good news: previously discouraged workers were being attracted back into the labour force and were out looking for work.

While 8.3% unemployment is still not a great number for the White House, the trend is more important. And it places the Republican party in a tough spot: Mitt Romney, its front-runner and presumptive nominee, has based his candidacy on his private sector record as a businessman. Remove that plank, and what’s left?

9.30am ET: It’s another day of campaigning in the Republican presidential contest between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, with events overshadowed by more good news on the economic front, with the US adding another 227,000 jobs last month.

Here’s a summary from Ryan Devereaux with what to look out for today:

• Ahead of Mississippi’s primary, Mitt Romney received a key endorsement from the state’s governor, Phil Bryant, who said he thought Romney had the best chance of beating President Obama. The endorsement is an important gain for Romney as heads into southern Evangelical territory. On average, exit polls have indicted that in the five states where the majority of GOP primary voters are born-again Christians, Romney has trailed his rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich among Evangelicals by 20 points among evangelicals. Among Romney’s qualities that enthused Bryant were his ability to hold a baby: “I like to see a man when he’s holding a baby. And he looks like he’s held a baby before.”

• Rick Santorum has attempted to appeal to Christian conservatives in the south by renewing attacks on John F Kennedy. Running for president in 1960 Kennedy said he believed “in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.” Speaking at a banquet in Alabama on Thursday, Santorum said: “That’s not America. That’s France. That’s a naked public square where people of faith are out of bounds.”

• Despite their candidate choosing not to appear in Kansas this week, Gingrich’s Super Pac has outspent competitors in the state by a wide margin. According to Politico, Winning Our Future has spent $180,185 on television ads in the first week of March, well ahead of his rivals.

• The candidates have a full day of campaigning ahead of them. Romney and Gingrich will both be rallying support in Mississippi and Alabama. Santorum will be in Alabama this morning and then is scheduled to appear in Kansas by early afternoon. Texas congressman Ron Paul, who is indeed still in the race, will be in Kansas all day © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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