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Barack Obama has accused Republican presidential candidates of casually “beating the drums of war” over Iran without having the political courage to directly advocate a military attack or considering the human cost of battle.

In his first press conference of the year Tuesday Obama turned on the Republican politicians who for days have been accusing him of weakness and naivete over Iran, ramped up by Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit and a meeting of the US’s most powerful pro-Israel lobby group.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Rescues Individual from All American Canal

CALEXICO, Calif. – On March 4, 2012, Border Patrol agents from the Calexico Station worked together to rescue an illegal alien from the swift currents of the All American Canal.

The incident occurred at approximately 6:18 p.m., after Border Patrol agents apprehended a 33 year old male Mexican national from the northern bank of the canal.  The man notified agents that his uncle a 30 year old male Mexican national was in the water and struggling to stay afloat.  Agents responding to the area deployed a flotation device, but the individual was unable to reach the device.