Department of Justice Seeks Help in Locating Family of Child Found Wandering Streets in Mexico

CALEXICO — The California Department of Justice is asking for help in locating the family members of a child found wandering the streets in Mexicali, Mexico.

Michael Anthony Perez Hernandez is a 5-year old Hispanic male, 3’ 6” in height, 40 pounds, with brown hair and black eyes.  The child was found by a Hispanic female adult in May 2011, in the downtown area of Mexicali. The child was dropped off at Social Services in Mexicali (DIF). DIF has been trying to identify and contact the child’s parents.

Construction to Close Lanes on I-8 — Connectors to SR-98

SAN DIEGO – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will begin work Monday on a $15 million project to repave a 10-mile section of highway on Interstate 8 (I-8) from the San Diego-Imperial county line to State Route 98 (SR-98).   Highway lane, ramp and connector closures are scheduled daily, including weekends, between 6 in the morning and 8 in the evening through mid-July.

Proper PC Maintenance Employing A Windows Registry Cleaner

The windows registry is often an important part in the operating system exactly where many computer software configuration parameters and system-wide settings are stored, values which can be consistently being accessed for reading and writing so as to permit the correct functioning of all Windows functions. In such a sizable database of details constantly expanding as a result of erroneous computer software installations, incomplete application uninstalls and various other system faults, fragmentation will not fail to arise, bringing good instability and unreliability of one’s computing resources.

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Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush was escorted from the House Wednesday after being reprimanded for wearing a hoodie to protest against the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Rush, a former member of the militant group the Black Panthers, came into the chamber wearing a suit, with a hoodie underneath.