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Powered by article titled “Big Miracle – review” was written by Philip French, for The Observer on Sunday 12th February 2012 00.04 UTC

Back in October 1988, there was a heartwarming human-interest story that briefly swept more serious events off the world’s TV screens. Three California grey whales were trapped under the ice in the Arctic circle near Barrow, Alaska, with only a small hole in the ice to use for a breather. Unless released within three days to head out for the southern breeding ground, they’d die. There followed a rescue mission that involved the media, the oil industry, the politicians, Greenpeace, the Wildlife Management Dept, the National Guard, the small-town inventors of a domestic thawing device and the USSR in its dying days. But the title of this film is ironic. It wasn’t a “big miracle” of international co-operation. Everyone exploited the crisis in the manner of the cynical journalist (Kirk Douglas) in Billy Wilder’s classic 1951 movie Ace in the Hole who talked up a potentially disastrous story of a man trapped underground in the New Mexican desert. They all had personal or professional agendas to pursue, ranging from an oil company boss (Ted Danson) eager to gain kudos and further drilling rights, to Ronald Reagan polishing his reputation in its final months and securing the election of his successor, George Bush. It is a fascinating story based on a prize-winning book called Freeing the Whales: How the Media Created the World’s Greatest Non-Event, and right at the end Sarah Palin pops up on TV reporting on a local basketball match as Alaskan TV gets back to trivial normality. Recalling no doubt that Ace in the Hole was the biggest box-office disaster of Billy Wilder’s career, the makers attempt to coat their fascinatingly bitter pill with saccharine. They are, however, only partially successful. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Powered by article titled “Cash payments help cut HIV infection rate in young women, study finds” was written by Sarah Boseley, health editor, for The Guardian on Wednesday 15th February 2012 00.01 UTC

Regular small cash payments to girls and young women can enable them to resist the attentions of older men and avoid HIV infection, according to a new study.

Girls and young women are at the greatest risk of HIV infection in endemic countries. In sub-Saharan Africa, between a quarter and a third have the virus by the time they reach their early 20s.

But educating girls about risks and promoting condom use has had little impact in countries where they are struggling with poor education, low status and poverty, and where older men with money offer one of the few ways out of financial difficulties.

A team of researchers from the World Bank, University of California at San Diego and George Washington University in the US carried out a randomised controlled trial in Malawi to find out whether monthly payments to schoolgirls and their families would help change the girls’ behaviour and safeguard their health.

They recruited nearly 1,300 young women, aged from 13 to 22, who were enrolled in school in the Zomba district of southern Malawi – an area of poverty, low school enrolment and high HIV prevalence.

The young women were randomly assigned, according to where they lived, either to receive between $1 and £5 a month, with their families given between $4 and $10 a month, or to get nothing. At the end of 18 months, the girls were tested for HIV and herpes infection.

The study, published online by the Lancet, found that girls who had received money were less than half as likely to have HIV as those who had not been paid – 1.25% (seven out of 490 women) compared with 3% in the control group (17 out of 796).

While the numbers who contracted HIV were relatively small, the researchers believe it shows a significant trend and would make a substantial difference across the population. There was a reduction of three-quarters in the risk of herpes, another sexually-transmitted infection.

Half of those who were given money got it only if they attended school, but there was no difference in the infection rate between those and the others who were paid regardless. Nor did the amount they and their families received make a difference.

Girls in the groups receiving payments were more likely to be in school than the others. Condom use did not go up, but the girls were less likely to be having sex frequently and less likely to have a partner over the age of 25.

“The findings suggest that financially empowering school-age girls and their families can have substantial effects on their sexual and reproductive health,” write the authors.

In a commentary also published by the journal, Dr Nancy Padian, from the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, and colleagues, say the findings “add to the increasing evidence suggesting that economic development and anti-poverty programmes can alter the context of sexual decision-making and, thus, HIV infection risk”.

At a cost per case of HIV averted of $5000-$12,500 (£3,167-£7,918), paying individuals to stay healthy might seem expensive, they say, but it is still probably cost-effective and cheaper than putting people on antiretroviral drugs, which has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Powered by article titled “Hugo Chavez calls opposition candidate a ‘low-life pig'” was written by Rory Carroll in Caracas, for The Guardian on Thursday 16th February 2012 23.10 UTC

President Hugo Chavez on Thursday called the opposition’s presidential candidate a “low-life pig”, signalling a caustic start to Venezuela’s election campaign.

The socialist leader vowed to crush Henrique Capriles in October’s vote, branding him an agent of imperialism and oligarchy hiding behind a mask of moderation.

“Now we have the loser, welcome! We’re going to pulverise you,” he told an audience of medical students. “You have a pig’s tail, a pig’s ears, you snort like a pig, you’re a low-life pig. You’re a pig, don’t try and hide it.” He avoided calling Capriles by name, referring instead to “el majunche”, slang for “the crappy one”.

The speech, which all radio and television stations were obliged to broadcast live, followed Capriles’s victory last Sunday in opposition primaries. The state governor won almost two-thirds of 3m votes cast, a higher than expected turnout which jolted the government.

Since then state media have launched multiple accusations at the wealthy 39-year-old challenger, calling him, among other things, a mendacious gay Nazi Zionist.

The state news agency’s report of Thursday’s speech omitted the pig references and used a Chavez quote as its headline: “You’re going to have to stand up or run away, crappy one.”

Maria Corina Machado, an opposition leader, said Chavez had insulted not just Capriles but all those who voted for him. “We understand that these are signs of desperation.”

Opinion polls make the president favourite to win a third six-year term on the back of oil-fuelled social programmes and a growing economy. But Chavez’s supporters fear Capriles could tap frustration over crime, inflation and crumbling infrastructure to topple what they call a “21st century socialist revolution”.

Capriles, who runs Miranda state, which includes part of Caracas, has cast himself as a centre-left candidate in the mould of Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Chavez, 57, said that was a disguise to hide a pro-US bourgeois plan to dismantle social programmes. Wearing a beret and scholar’s robe, he said: “Take off your mask. You’re a pig. Don’t disguise it … the only place you’re going to govern is the land of Tarzan and his monkey Cheeta.”

The former tank commander said his rival was part of the opposition which briefly overthrew him in a 2002 coup. Capriles, a mayor at the time, was accused of being part of a mob which attacked the Cuban embassy. He said he was trying to mediate.

Conscious that a polarised climate has helped Chavez win successive elections since 1998, the opposition’s candidate has preached conciliation and unity in an attempt to woo voters disappointed with the government but still fond of the president. He tends to avoid calling Chavez by name, instead referring to him as “the candidate of the PSUV”, the ruling party.

The Hollywood actor and activist Sean Penn, who has toured south America this week in his role as roving ambassador for Haiti, also spoke at the president’s event in Vargas state, just outside Caracas. He told the graduating medical students that Chavez had told him the best thing he could do for his children was raise them as doctors. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Online video is here now right this moment, but you fully understand it will likely be close to in the future furthermore. A lot of movie hosting web sites will number your video content. If you plan about receiving subscribers and producing income you’ll need to be doing web social video marketing right now.

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In the past all of us accustomed to enjoy video tutorials online whenever they ended up displayed in websites. These kind of will be about informative information web sites for example and also provided the best value for many.

A few years ago one particular internet site emerged which was a complete sport changer in the way we observed movie articles. This web page is termed Youtube . com. It’s long gone from durability in order to durability and is now the next hottest search results.

If you work with internet video marketing then you really ought to employ Metacafe.

Online video marketing entails developing video content and distributing all of it over the internet. With all the creation of Search engines universal research this means whenever you look for one thing you get web pages and also video clips returned inside the benefits.

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Below are a few fascinating statistics to think about

· There are far more than one billion movies seen online every single day.

· Corporations in the UK spend more money online marketing compared to what they accomplish on tv marketing.

· Each instant during the day greater than 20 hours regarding online video becomes filled onto Youtube . com.

Using internet marketing with video pertaining to business

Do you have a goods and services that requires advertising? It has been determined when using world wide web video marketing pertaining to campaign purposes, the amount regarding subscribers you can acquire improves. Therefore results in income plus much more income in your case. This is because we all love to watch movie in lieu of looking at prolonged wording. Anything you tend to be advertising, you are likely to get it done far better through the use of online video.

The challenge together with sales duplicate is that it can be quite extended. Actually we just wish to know how it’s gonna accomplish for people and exactly how a lot it will likely be. Normally we wind up only reading a number of factors and also scrolling right to underneath to view the purchase price. A video web site however is a bit more engaging and we are more likely to give consideration. This is one way you should be using internet marketing with video.

Response encounter those buying routes on TV. Do you notice how a vendor employs intelligent expression participate in to steer visitors to obtain? Commemorate you really want an item and you’re tempted to phone make an investment.

The seller is released along with key phrases similar to “Imagine the way your life can be only when you had this product”. You would use the same technique when trying to market your product or service. You could notice fast final results using this type of approach. Do you think you’re beginning discover why you should start web video clip production at this time?

In case you intend on making use of net social video marketing you can transform revenue copy in to a video clip as well as the same convincing terms may be utilized for the recording itself. You will not even need a man or woman to get found about camera.

Make money using video marketing

It’s no use having the appropiate product around when no one really knows about this. Because of this alone it’s well worth using online video advertising and marketing within your business.

The moment people your website url in your online video they’re going to check out your site. This method will help to enable you to get much more clientele.

If there is a great opt-in field on your own internet site then it is entirely possible that men and women subscribe. When you have their details then you’re able to industry to all of them and there’s a good chance they’re going to obtain some thing. Some type of email list is important if you are utilizing internet marketing with video.

In case you have created a good video clip the ones want it then its likely that they will need to discuss this. They are able to make this happen upon websites including Facebook or myspace. This can develop a viral effect along with your online video can distributed around just like a virus.

Utilizing net marketing with video social media marketing submissions are vital since your video receives accessed by simply lots of people worldwide. All of a sudden the video is becoming a great deal of sights as well as your site is flip receiving lots of hits. Using world wide web social video marketing Facebook or myspace online video written content provides you with lots of control.

Not everyone can produce a virus-like movie quickly however. You will need some kind of distinctive distort which hook varieties folks and ensures they are desire to talk about the playback quality.

If you are employing web marketing with video, it can be worth observing there have been a lot of viral flops that have too much money chucked their way. It is advisable to keep your charges down if you are in the experimentation stage associated with online video marketing.

Be sure to load your video clip way up on YouTube because this internet site will give you lots of control because of the numerous day-to-day website visitors the idea becomes. Search engine optimization is a valuable part utilizing internet online video marketing and also YouTube will give you the chance carry out SEO net marketing with video search engine optimization appropriate high on the site themselves. Optimize your video online by having excellent tag words, creating a key phrase abundant title and outline.

If you want a boost in traffic for a video then you certainly ought to get and participate in the actual YouTube neighborhood. This calls for including feedback with video tutorials or even stations.

Select videos that you’ve an interest in simply and give an opinion containing benefit. Utilizing internet video marketing does not mean that you can proceed to junk the neighborhood. Try this and your review will be removed.

Think about distribution prior to deciding to create the movie. If you would like individuals to share your own video clip and create a virus-like result then you need to plan outside in move forward what the online video is going to require. This is true regardless if your current methods are consisting of video for little business advertising.


Video content will help to drive your business forward. An engaging video sales page will get the viewer wanting to click through to your website.

If you are not doing it already then it is time to start using web video production in your marketing strategy.

If you don’t start then you are getting left behind and allowing the competition to get ahead of you.

If you are selling a product, do you want millions of people to watch your video or would you rather they watched a video from your competitors?

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