From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to apply for funding for Transpiration Projects in the Imperial County.

Imperial County Transportation Commission issued the 2011 Call for Projects in December of last year. Applications are to be submitted to ICTC by February 24, 2012. Projects selected by the ICTC Evaluation Committee are based upon locally adopted criteria. The criteria are: project resulting in community benefit, increase in safety, employment, air quality, aesthetics, and connectivity between communities. The projects need to show a clear schedule of events provided from design to construction and must demonstrate that the project is a part of a greater transportation plan.

The committee will evaluate the project and rank them prior to submittal to ICTC for final adoption and TEIP programming. Aten Road, Bennett Road, Heber Avenue, Dogwood Road, Evan Hewes Highway, McCabe Road, and Anza Road Bridge at All American Canal will be the first project that have been budgeted for improvements.

The RSTIP program has matching funds requirements of 11.47%. The County’s matching funds will be derived from the Departments Measure D & Local Gas Tax funds. RSTIP funds consist of a total availability of $8.025 Million from FY 2010-11 to 2015-2016. There is $1,984,000 available per fiscal year. Imperial County Department of Public Works intends to apply for an estimated $9.8 million in projects.

Public Works Director Bill Burnett said that the projected $9.8 million in projects the Department will be requesting is more than the funds that are available. However, ICTC will be make the final decision and if there are any remainder funds within the grant term, it would be easier to allocate fund to project that have already been reviewed.

In other news, the Board accepted a grant to allow the Imperial County Free Library has been offered a $7,500 grant to participate in the California Council for the Humanities “Search for Democracy” community reading program. Additionally, the “Straight Life” inmate program from Calipatria State Prison has donated $500 towards the ICFL, probation department and Catholic Charities Foster Grandparent program library collection at Juvenile Hall.

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