From the daily archives: Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Bowl & Primary Blues

THE SUPER BOWL WASN’T SO SUPER THIS YEAR. At least not for anybody who bet on New England.
The game, which should have had lots of thrills, actually came off as a little flat, that’s because both teams were doing their best to outthink their opponent. That meant lots of posturing and looking for the right place to call a time out, or keep the ball out of the end zone.
While all of that is perfectly legal, it doesn’t make for the most exciting plays. When New York’s running back almost had to be carried into the end zone, I had to wonder if the intellectuals had gone too far with America’s game.
Seems if he scored then the Patriots would have gotten the ball back with a chance to win. Heavens! Physical strength gave way to ridiculous strategy that made the game look more like a chess match than a football game.
I guess it was the football equivalent of stall ball in basketball. It wasn’t good for the game and especially not for a championship that is usually filled with excitement. But such is the way of the world these days, with everybody positioning themselves to be politically correct. I suppose it was only fitting that a mediocre season ended in such a mediocre way.
Football is getting about as bland as ice cream without chocolate sauce. Lengthy delays for officials to analyze a close play make everything come to a halt. It’s as though they call a play, run it, and then decide what happened and whether it should be allowed or not. No wonder the lines are so long at the concessions stands.
I’d like to see the league do away with the instant replay and go back to the calls the referees make decide the outcome. At least the excitement would be spontaneous and not supplemented by blabber-mouth announcers who want to sit in judgement of the players on the field.
Let’s bring some fun and emotion back to the field.
I’VE BEEN SUFFERING THROUGH A WINTER COLD AND GETTING AN EARFUL of daytime TV. You know, all those shows you never watch because you are at work.
Game shows are still king of the air waves. And Drew Carey is the king of game shows. Not only does he have The Price is Right, but he also has Let’s Make a Deal. You can’t get a     NEWWWWW CARRR!!! without Drew getting involved someplace.
Wayne Brady hosts “Deal” but Carey produces it. It’s amazing what gyrations people will go through to get on stage at a TV show, and how much energy they expend to get a prize. There’s as much of a workout there as a whole season of “Biggest Loser.”
But it does make the time go by and makes me forget about my stuffed up head for a few hours. Who knows? Maybe some day I’ll take a stab at participating. All I’ll have to do is jump around like a monkey on a fuzzy tree!
THE PRIMARIES HAVE OUTLIVED THEIR USEFULNESS, unless you like to hear politicians make the same speech over and over again and still sound enthusiastic about.
That’s a great job of acting. A national primary actually makes some sense. It would save everybody a lot of time, travel and money. And it would help elect a president in a modern era.
People can vote online these days, pick up every tidbit of news as it happens, get familiar with each candidate and cast an opinion, all without having to leave the comfort of their easy chair. Well, at least their computer room.
I suppose the reason is that states want to get some national recognition by voting in a nominee early in the process and it is a tradition to have candidates slugging it out in the mud and snow of all those places most people can’t find on a map.
But with all that speediness, repetition sets in and they all sound pretty much the same from week to week. it’s hard to keep the players straight without a scorecard.
But one national campaign as opposed to a dozen is lot more palatable to the voters. think about it.
THE CARROT FESTIVAL IS IN FULL SWING in Holtville. This week is the big parade, the wrap up of the cooking contests and the Dia De Familia home cooking extravaganza.
You also get pretty good arts and crafts show and lots of tantalizing food, both ethnic and otherwise, that you can eat while strolling around Holt  Park. come early and visit with lots of people you may not have seen for awhile.  And then enjoy all you can of one of Imperial Valley’s longest running traditions.
Hope to see you there!

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