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If you are a student attending traditional college classes, it is possible frustrated because of the class registration process each session. Could possibly be wishing to schedule all of your college classes in the morning so that you can go to your job within the afternoon. Or simply you’ll have to juggle your classes around athletics training an advanced college athlete. You might also have some personal obligations back in your house that require your recognition, which limits the time available to you on campus. Yet you probably have to try certain classes during some semesters in order to graduate punctually. It can also be incredibly frustrating as a measure to play your college course timetable around your obligations while attempting to find a course that isn’t yet filled and is available at a fun time you may want. That’s the spot where online classes for college credit be given play.

You are likely conscious that many colleges offer full degree plans where one can earn your degree online, but are you aware that you can take only a couple of online classes for college credit? These courses is usually consumed conjunction with your current course load and are very best way to ensure you get the courses you need and that can take them at a time that works for you. You can even examine with your current college and then judge once they supply the courses you would need online. Another option should be to obtain credit at other schools and transfer the loan in. Before enrolling and signing up for courses at yet another school, however, ask them if your school encourage the transfer credit.

Taking classes online for college credit is a good technique to makes it much better to obtain the classes you need to require your degree plan, notably if you have a very hectic agenda that you’ll be planning to plan your courses all around.

There is no doubt regarding it – registering for regular college classes is usually a source of frustration for young students every semester. Some students make sure to put all of their courses each morning or afternoon just for them to accommodate their work schedule. College athletes ought to schedule classes available their teaching schedule. Still other students could possibly have personal obligations at home that they need to consider when registering for classes. But when you’ve got a hope of graduating as you have planned, there are some classes you are able to take during certain semesters. Finding college courses who are not already full feeling that attach to your schedule could be a challenge without a doubt. But when you consider online classes for college credit, you may overcome many registration conflicts.

Some colleges give you full degree programs, providing you with every class you need for your degree online, and also other colleges offer just a handful of online classes for college credit. You may prefer to use these online courses strategically with your live courses to relieve the problem of scheduling issues. Most colleges offer not less than a handful of courses online, so check with the college to determine what courses are usually now being offered this semester. If your college doesn’t always have the courses you need online, you may also take the course online from some other school after which it transfer the finance over. Just make sure that your choice of school need the transfer credit before signing up towards the course.

The scheduling conflicts that enrollment poses is often a real challenge, and taking online classes for college credit is surely an easy way of getting the credit you’ll need and help keep you with respect to graduate as you have scheduled, all this is specially good for individuals with a hectic schedule that also includes work and private commitments.

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By Mario Conde
New Year, New Chairman.
The County Board of Supervisors elected District 3 Supervisor, Michael Kelley, to be the Chairman for 2012.
Supervisor Kelley was voted 5-0 by the Board to be new Chairman of the Board and Supervisor Gary Wyatt will be the Vice-Chairman. The newly elected Chairman began by thanking outgoing Chair, Jack Terrazas, for a job well done during 2011. Kelley said Terrazas is a hard worker and did a lot by serving in a lot of commissions and to bring solutions to the challenges the County faced last year.
The outgoing Chair thanked the board for their support and also thanked CEO Ralph Cordova and County Counsel Mike Rood for all their help. He also thanked the County Clerk’s office for helping him with policy materials and last minute agenda items.
The rest of the Board echoed Kelley’s comments regarding Terrazas and his good job as Chair. Supervisor Kelley said it was a great honor to be elected as Chair and said that he is looking forward working with the board to tackle the challenges ahead and find the solutions to those challenges. Kelley is a former County Chief Probation Officer and worked for the County for nearly 30 years. He said he is proud of County employees since they had to sacrifice some benefits for these economic times.
Kelley said the year ahead will be very difficult but is sure that the County will continue to move forward in 2012.
In other news, the board approved a proposed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in support of the Citizens Energy proposal to lease a portion of the Imperial County Segment of the Sunrise Powerlink. Deputy CEO Any Horne said that the California Public Utilities Commission approved the Sunrise Powerlink Transmission Project. Recently, construction of the line has been completed in Imperial County. In May of 2009, SDG&E entered into a joint development agreement for Sunrise with Citizens Energy Corporation, A Massachusetts-based non-profit, which would lease a 50% share in the transmission line. Part of that agreement would be a provisions that half of Citizens’ net profit, estimated to be approximately $1 million annually, would be contributed to fund energy-related project for low-income and elderly residents of Imperial County. On December 2011, Citizens filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requesting approval of the Transmission Owner Tariff and establishing the Transmission Revenue Requirement under FERC regulations. Citizens Energy has requested that the Board of Supervisors submit a letter to support their application.
The Board voted 5-0 to support this application.


By Mario Conde

The Calexico City Council approved a resolution to elect the City of Calexico to serve as the successor agency to the Calexico Redevelopment Agency and elect to retain the Agency’s housing assets and functions to the City.

Over the holiday break, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the California Redevelopment Association v. Ana Matosantos, also known as the Redevelopment Case. The Court upheld as constitutional AB 1X 26, the legislation that freezes redevelopment activities and dissolves community redevelopment agencies throughout the State, and struck down as unconstitutional Assembly Bill 1X 27, the legislation that would have allowed cities and counties to continue to operate their RDA’s by voluntarily making a continuation payments to the State, counties, school districts and other local government bodies.

Under this ruling, and when AB 26 is effective, redevelopment agencies will be dissolved and successor agencies and oversight boards will oversee the winding down of each agency’s activities and the liquidation of the agency’s assets for distribution to counties, school districts and other local public agencies.

The Successor Agency and the successor to the Agency housing assets will play a key day-to-day role in assuring that the existing obligation of the former Redevelopment Agency are properly paid, and that the former Redevelopment Agency’s properties and other assets are disposed of in an appropriate manner. While the Successor Agency will be overseen by an “Oversight Board” of seven representatives selected largely by the County and various local education districts, the staff of the Successor Agency will have a strong role in initiating and implementing actions in a way that achieves not only the requirements of the Dissolution Act but also is sensitive to a long-term development needs of the City and local community, and that protects the good name of the City in the financial markets by assuring timely repayments of the former Redevelopment Agency’s existing debts.

Redevelopment Agencies are expected to cease to exist by February 1st of this year. The Council voted 5-0 to approve this resolution.


By Mario Conde

As of last Tuesday night, Luis Castro is no longer the Mayor of Calexico.

The Calexico City Council voted 3-2 to remove Luis Castro as Mayor after a much heated City Council meeting were people spoke in favor and against Castro’s leadership style.  City Council meetings in Calexico have been pretty turbulent these last six months because of the interruptions and insults from resident Oscar Gonzalez to the members of the City Council and City Staff. The Council has been very concerned with the lack of decorum at the meetings and how the former Mayor of Calexico did nothing to stop Gonzalez.

On December 20th, Oscar Gonzalez was arrested outside of City Hall for disrupting the peace. Two City employees filed a restraining order against him and they were served to him while in jail. This situation motivated Councilwoman Maritza Hurtado to ask for a change of leadership in order to bring back professionalism and take care of business at the City Council meetings. Gonzalez went back to City Hall this past Tuesday but the police went and arrested him again.

In a packed City Council Chambers, people spoke in favor and against the removal of Castro as Mayor. Resident Mike Davis said that he has stopped going to the City Council meeting because they have become hostile and an embarrassment. He told Castro the Calexico was again the joke of the valley because what has allow to happen as Mayor. He asked the Council to do the right thing and fix the problem.

Resident Lourdes Genaro spoke in favor of Castro saying that he is always with the people by going to events and speaking to everyone. She said that Castro does not deserve this treatment.

Councilwoman Hurtado said that this is not a personal issue against Castro, the issue, she said, what the situation the City is going through right now. Hurtado said that the last six months since Castor was elected by Council to be Mayor there has been no decorum to conduct business at the meetings. She said that the Council has tried to speak to Castro in private about the situation and improve the situation but he never attended those meetings. “We cannot wait longer because progress will not be achieved without strong and efficient leadership.” Hurtado said.

Councilman John Moreno said that he agrees with Huratdo and the situation holds merit. He reminded everyone that the Council is the body that sets policy for the City and the decorum needs to be established again.

“A Change of leadership has to be done. Maybe it’s not popular with the people in the audience but it will be popular with the 45,000 people that live Calexico.” Moreno said.

Councilman Bill Hodge had a different view of this situation. While he agreed that meetings have been too long and the disruptions should have been stop by Castro when the rest of the Council was calling for a point of order, he said that removing Castro as Mayor will set a bad precedent for the City since it would be a distraction from the real issues such as the elimination of the RDA or the future developments like the Casino.  He said that he Council should work as a team because they need to work on the issues. Hodge pointed out the argument to remove Castro in order to improve the meeting. Hodge said that in a meeting when Castro was absent and Mayor Pro Tem Romero took over the meeting he didn’t do anything to control Oscar Gonzalez.  Hodge said that this was frustrating and distracts the Council from working on the issues and asked the Council to get their egos and personalities aside.

“I fear that a gang mentality is forming on this Council. I hope I’m wrong but let’s have Castro continue as Mayor.” Hodge said.

Luis Castro said that he respects the opinion of the City Council and said that he also agreed that there was a need to be change of leadership in the Council saying that the other Council members should step down.

The Council voted 3-2 with Hodge and Castro voting against it. Councilwoman Martiza Hurtado then made a motion to elect Mayor Pro Tem Romero as the new Mayor. Councilman Moreno second it for discussion and asked if they could vote on it since it was not on the agenda. City Attorney Jennifer Lyon said that the item was to change leadership but did not include the election of the new Mayor. Lyon told the Council they could do it right now or wait to the next meeting to elect a new one. The Council decided to appoint someone at their next regular meeting.

Luis Castro was elected Mayor by the City Council this past July and will be seeking his re-election this November along with Daniel Romero and John Moreno. This is not the first time a Calexico Mayor has been voted out of his position. In 1999, Mayor Eduardo Rivera was voted out as Mayor half way into his Mayor term.




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