Why: A new law will go effect January 1, 2012, increasing the age that children
must remain in a booster seat from age six to age eight. (In addition, if
older children are not tall enough to fit an adult seat belt properly, they
must ride in a booster or car seat.) This law is expected to impact more
than 1.1 million children across California and will increase their chances of
surviving a crash by 45 percent. The fine for violating this law will be a
minimum of $475 and one point on the parent or driver’s record.
What: Join safety experts from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency
and the California Highway Patrol as they demonstrate why children of this
age still need a booster seat.
Children will take part in a “fit test” to see if they need a booster. This is a
simple test parents can do themselves to see what is the safest way to
transport their child.
Hear the answers to the most common questions about booster seats.
Experts will discuss how to “sell” the idea of a booster to a child.


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