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Home For Christmas

THE WAR IN IRAQ IS OFFICIALLY OVER. We’ve been told that by the government and seen troops loading up for the journey home.
Then has become anti-climactic. It is just winding down, not the giant fanfare that greeted the troops and the whole world at the end of WWII.
That’s because the sacrifice was far away and the need for a war effort on the homefront wasn’t as great as it was almost 70 years ago. But thee was plenty of patriotism. More than anybody could have imagined. American Flags flew from every house and building following the 9/11 disaster.
50,000 people enlisted in the military the very first day after the attack. We pulled together as we always do and  this time stayed the course. Even if that course took 10 years.
There will be lingering side effects for many years and the was in Afghanistan is going on. But, for now, we will be seeing some of our troops coming home from the mideast at the perfect time of the year. What better Christmas present than to have those loved ones who have been far away back home with us?
It is a glorious day indeed.
MY OWN SITUATION HAS DRIVEN HOME THE NEED FOR A different type of Christmas this year too.
My wife fell and broke her femur in her right leg almost two months ago. She’s undergone a major operation to install a titanium rod in her leg and now is involved in hours of therapy to strengthen her body and get her leg back to normal.
That’s a long, slow process. the doctor says three months before the cast can come off. they don’t actually use a plaster cast anymore, though. It’s actually a brace made of metal and fiber foam that is velcro into place.
That’s led to lots of changes in our lives, including adjusting to working together to keep her living a relatively normal life. there’s been plenty of adjustment, with both of us having to occupy a smaller space.
But we are making progress.  We’ve learned how to help each other again and we are sharing a wide variety of chores.
High technology has kept me in touch with the office from a long distance and that has made life a little easier because I can see what’s going on without actually being there.
But this Christmas won’t have the same decorations or parties as in the past. It will be a quiet affair at home. But, given the circumstances, it will still be a great experience to be home for Christmas.
Let’s hope there will be less suffering in the world in the years to come and that all our troops will be home one day. That way it can definitely be a Merry Christmas!
YEAR END DEVELOPMENTS include the county taking a positive stand for a casino in Calexico.
This one has been on the back burner for so long we thought the stove went out. But that’s the way things move in Imperial County. Two speeds. Slow and stopped.
Wally Leimgruber roadblocked  casino expansion for several years, as did several other people.
However, with cities and counties being short on cash thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger  and the Tea Party, it is suddenly a good idea again.
We hope it moves forward enough to actually get a building constructed, but we don’t want to be too optimistic. It was good to see the county supporting a development for a change, even if it is a long time coming.
Holtville’s Animal Control ordinance is still being kicked around and who knows if the city will ever make a decision on how to proceed on it. Decisions and the city council aren’t very compatible.
City Manager Alex Meyerhoff sent out  a copy of the city’s dog ordinance, but left out anything about cats.
In my part of the city the cats are a major nuisance because there is a whole family of them that hangs around the dumpster and a few doors where people have been feeding them.
I’m a cat person but would like to see some of these critters given good homes and a little shelter.
In the meantime, the city needs to get around to hiring an animal control officer who can be available to round up all those four legged friends and hold them for their owners.
There’s no sense doing everything on the cheap. The city found plenty of money when it was building a civic center and public safety building that never got built.  Look some more.
May your Holidays be Merry and Bright!


Weekly-Chronicle 12-22-11

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