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Holtville Tribune 12-16-11


Parades Bring Out Political Candidates; Housing Starting To Surge Again?

IT WAS A BIG WEEKEND FOR PARADES in the Imperial Valley. You had the Imperial Parade of lights and you had the politicians friend, the Calexico Christmas Parade.
It’s friendly toward politicians because they all want to get their mugs out in front of Latino voters and what better place to do it than in the Border City? Parade Director Hildy Carrillo also cultivates lots of politicians and that helps both of them – we think. She’s not gun ho on Republicans and isn’t afraid to let her feelings be known.
No matter. this the start of electioneering, where the candidates run around to all the social functions in the Valley to glad hand as many people  as they can. That helps them get campaign loot and also gets their name out in front of the public.
One surprise this time around was the candidacy for Judge of Brooks Anderholt.
There he was riding along in the parade with his wife Gloria touting himself from Superior Court Judge. He made on stab at a judgeship before, but was thwarted when the position was changed to an appointed term by a Republican Governor.
But he’s back again. It should make for an interesting campaign season. Willy is back, too. Guillermo Hermosillo was appointed to the Calexico City Council and lost out in the primary when his position came up for election. But he decided to give it another try and should be seen around the confines of Calexico on a regular basis once again.
Good luck to all those seeking office. It is a fish bowl existence where you better have a mighty thick skin. We admire those who take the shot, though. It’s what makes our country great. A citizen controlled government is still better than the alternatives.
SPEAKING OF PARADES, our Brawley and northend correspondent went to the Parade of Lights in Imperial last weekend. It was a special event, but lacked some light power. Parade officials will have to work to get more lights on the entries and the people participating. That’s what keeps the parade interesting and the public from dancing in the dark.
It’ still a great tribute to a great little city to have this event each year. it’s what small town living is all about.
And if you missed the Christmas In A Small Town selling bee along Imperial Avenue, then you missed out on some special Christmas gifts. You also missed out on some great food and a chance to get together with your friends and neighbors. It puts Imperial back on the map at a special time of the year. You could check out some of the action, though, in the pages of our newspaper. We have been covering this event since 1991. Gads! Has it been that long? Yes it has.
HOLTVILLE PUT ON ITS ANNUAL Christmas In the Park with hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and music from the high school and junior high school bands and chorus.
There was a pretty good crowd, but once again the sound system wasn’t strong enough for the outdoors with a lot of people around. Perhaps someday someone will come up with a band shell configuration that will hold the sound in and a sound system that will work properly. We can only wish. But this always a good program for the family.
Mary Helen Dolente did a good job for the Chamber of Commerce hosting the event. Get there early next year, though, if you want hot chocolate. It goes fast.
THERE ARE SOME RESURGENT HOUSING projects in the Valley. Another is being considered in Calexico where the Palazzio would be a 1,200 house complex on the northeast side of town. The old De Anza will also get a new wing of senior apartments attached to it if plans are followed through with.
We doubt that the boom will reach the same proportions as is was in 2007, but the new interest is at least a start toward a more prosperous Valley. Withe lowered prices on real estate, those who can funding will be able to find some bargains in all kinds of places.
Perhaps some of those boomtown projects will be up and running once again.


 Weekly-Chronicle 12-15-11


City of Holtville Laws Regarding Animal Care and the Proper Care of Dogs


The City of Holtville has historically regulated animal care through the Holtville Municipal Code. The following municipal code sections, many of which are over 50 years old, summarize key provisions of the City’s laws regarding the proper care of dogs.

7.12.070 Dogs – Number allowed.

It is unlawful to keep more than three dogs over four months of age at any one residence. (Ord. 329 § 3, 1973; Ord. 267 § 11, 1961).

7.04.010 License – Required.

It is unlawful for any person to own or have in his possession any dog in the incorporated limits of the city without first having obtained a license for the dog from the city clerk. (Ord. 267 § 2(a), 1961).

7.04.030 License – Term.

The license shall be issued for a term of one year from the first day of January to the thirty-first day of the succeeding December; provided, however, that the owner or possessor of any dog brought within the city limits, or born subsequent to the first day of January, shall pay only a proportionate part of the fee for the year. (Ord. 267 § 2(c), 1961).

7.04.040 License – Certificate of vaccination required.

Before issuing any license, the city clerk shall require from the owner or possessor of the dog a valid certificate of vaccination. If found correct, a license shall be issued. (Ord. 267 § 2(d), 1961).

7.04.050 Tag required.

The city clerk, upon issuing a license, shall also issue an official license tag. On the same day the tag is issued, it shall be securely fastened by the owner of the dog to a collar, which collar shall, on the day and at all times thereafter, be worn by the licensed dog. Such tag, once fastened to and worn by the dog as above provided, shall be prima facie evidence of the vaccination and licensing of the dog as required in this article and Chapter 7.08 HMC. (Ord. 267 § 2(e), 1961).


7.04.070 Running at large prohibited.

It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to suffer, permit, or allow the dog to run at large on any public street, road, alley, park, square, or place, or any vacant or unenclosed lots, or land within the incorporated limits of the city. All dogs shall be deemed running at large within the meaning of this article and Chapter 7.08 HMC unless led or restrained by a chain, strap, or cord attached to their collar, and actually held by a person or made fast to some stationary object. (Ord. 267 § 3, 1961).

7.04.080 Impoundment – Requirement.

Every stray dog, and every dog committing a nuisance, and every dog which is found not to have a license tag attached to its collar, according to the provisions of this article, shall be presumed not to be vaccinated and licensed, and shall be taken up and impounded, or confined, in a safe and comfortable place, properly provided with food and water. Every such dog shall be confined for a period of 72 hours from the date taken up unless sooner redeemed. (Ord. 267 § 4, 1961).

7.04.090 Impoundment – Recovery fees.

Any person having established ownership of any such dog impounded may have the dog released to him by the poundmaster upon paying the fees as charged by the poundmaster; and provided further, that the owner either presents a valid vaccination certificate license or has the dog vaccinated and licensed in accordance with the provisions of this article and Chapter 7.08 HMC. (Ord. 267 § 4, 1961).

7.04.100 Poundmaster charges.

The charges of the poundmaster are placed at the sum of $5.00 per day for each day such dog is impounded. (Ord. 349 § 1, 1976; Ord. 267 § 4, 1961).

7.04.110 Disposal.

Every dog which is not redeemed within 72 hours shall be destroyed by the poundmaster or his assistant, or otherwise disposed of so as to prevent the dog from running at large. (Ord. 267 § 4, 1961).

7.04.180 Running at large prohibited.

No owner shall permit a dog to run at large within the city of Holtville and every owner of a dog shall cause the same to be:

A. Confined to the owner’s property by training, fencing, or leashing and females in heat shall be confined in an enclosure and so kept and confined therein during such entire period and until such dogs shall not attract other dogs on account thereof.

B. While in any public place such as a school, playground, or a park to be on a leash, chain or cord of not more than six feet in length and in the custody of a person of sufficient age to adequately control the dog at all times.

C. While in all other areas such as on a public street or in an automobile, to be in the custody of a person of sufficient age to adequately control the dog at all times, and to have kept said dog under control.

D. Any dog found running at large may be impounded by the city as provided in this article and may be destroyed if not timely redeemed as provided in HMC 7.04.330. (Ord. 446 § 4, 2005; Ord. 267 § 16, 1961).

7.04.190 Leash and control.

The restrictions imposed by HMC 7.04.180 shall not prohibit the appearance of any dog upon the streets or public property when such dog is on a leash and kept under the control of the accompanying person, or when the dog is not on a leash, but is under the immediate and complete control of the person charged with its care, either by voice control or other device. (Ord. 446 § 5, 2005; Ord. 267 § 17, 1961).

7.04.300 Disturbing the peace.

It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, or have in his/her possession or harbor a dog which, by frequent and habitual howling, yelping, barking or otherwise, shall cause serious annoyance or disturbance to persons or the neighborhood; provided, however, that the provisions of this article shall not apply to duly authorized hospitals or clinics established and operating for the treatment of dogs. No warrant shall be issued except after written notice has been mailed or delivered to the occupant of the premises where such dog is kept or harbored advising that a complaint has been made about the dog and calling attention to the provisions of this article. (Ord. 446 § 16, 2005; Ord. 267 § 28, 1961).


These are a summary of key provisions of the City of Holtville’s laws pertaining to animal care. To anonymously report violations of these provisions, or for more information, please call the City of HoltvilleOltvilleH at 760-356-2912.




For more information please contact Alex Meyerhoff, City Manager, at 760-356-4574.

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