Measure J Meeting

By Patricia A. Aguilar

In a meeting held at noon in Calexico’s district office, school board members meet to discuss the current situation regarding the misappropriation of measure J funds.

Measure J was a bond measure passed by the citizens of Calexico approving the collection of funds to help improve the current school conditions, most specifically the Calexico High School. The goal being to reduce classroom sizes by expanding and renovating the local High School. Despite the approval of the measure, no visible signs of renovations have been evident.

Special Board Meeting on Fiscal Crisis Held Tuesday

Patricia A. Aguilar

Teachers, parents and members of the community filled Cesar Chaves Elementary School’s cafeteria this Tuesday for a Special Meeting by the Calexico School Board. The special meeting was created to address the financial crisis the district is in and the potential consequences of a state take-over and to inform the public exactly just what is at stake.