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Save the Postal Service; Christmas Programs Are Here Once Again

I  read with dismay over the weekend about the US Postal Service shutting down 500 mail distribution centers around country.
That will be the loss of another 30,000 jobs in this country .Is this how you end a recession? Laying people off? I thought the idea was to stimulate more jobs. Apparently the Tea Party is saying place as dwell as a distributing we will lay you off to make things better for the rich and then they will give you a job again. Say what?
Or perhaps the conservatives are saying it’s OK for government employees to lose their jobs as long as they don’t impose a tax on the rich, who don’t need a job.
Talk about a dilemma!
All because some Congressmen are trying to look “fiscally responsible” while continuing to feather the nests of some large campaign contributors.
While mail service hasn’t been any great shakes for quite awhile, it is still the most economical way to get something delivered in the United States. Fed Ex and UPS are going to charge you $20.00 or more to deliver what the USPS does for 44 cents.
Small towns especially rely on their post offices as a gathering places as well as distribution centers.
Go to any post office in the Valley and you will find friends and neighbors chatting each other up. Well, goodbye to the good old days if the powers-that-be have their way about it.
The post office has played a big part in my life, since my father worked their for 36 years and enjoyed the benefits of his labor until his passing at the age of 89.
Will today’s youth and those working their now get the same opportunity? It’s time for the shortsightedness to come to an end  and the government to consider what services people need at their disposal to conduct business. Not every transaction is done on the internet.
We still get plenty of mail at our homes and our offices. While the internet is a convenience it shouldn’t be taking over all aspects of our existence.
In fact, I would go so far as to say the internet is a deterrent to people having jobs . It also undermines most of the traditions of this country. Let’s not let it do away with one that has been around s®since colonial times. Be®n Franklin started the first post office before the country was even founded. Let’s not let that tradition just slip away like so many others.
Keep the post office running smoothly. Keep the jobs. Keep people providing for themselves.
Forget this proposal as soon as possible. There’s enough room between 44 cents and $20 that the government ought to be able to do it.
CHRISTMASTIME IN THE VALLEY is taking over all the towns.
There’s tree lighting celebrations and hot chocolate with music in the park. And, of course, Santa Claus will be putting quite a few appearances to check his list and see whose naughty® of nice.
Take in some of these activities in you town. It will put you in the Holiday spirit quickly.
This  is, afterall, the season to be giving and enjoying all that we have.
Holtville has its Christmas in the Park promotion this week,® there’s a tree lighting ceremony in Calexico, Imperial will have its annual Parade of Lights and Christmas In A Small Town Swap Meet.
Get out and enjoy the Holidays!
SPEAKING OF GETTING OUT take a drive around all of the Valley’s cities and take in some of the fabulous light displays that adorn local residences. The articulate everything from Santa to the Birth of Christ. And its a beautiful sight to see.
MEANWHILE BACK IN HOLTVILLE, more than cats are creating an animal control problem in the city. Dogs too.
Read Luke Phillips’ editorial on this page to give you some incite. I almost ran over a small dog last week who was unattended and without a leash. It’s time for someone out there to get a handle on this situation. Just setting out a few traps isn’t going to change anything.
To those animal lovers who think letting these animals run is the right thing to do, you are probably doing them more harm than good. You are leaving them to the will of anyone who wishes to harm them, or putting them in harm’s way by having them run loose.
Enjoy the Christmas spirit and drive safely.

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