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Christmas Controversy In Calexico; Chamber Is Back; Round Up Those Holtville Cats!

THE TROUBLE WITH LONG HOLIDAYS is that in the newspaper business you have to come back to work and find something to write about.
This Holiday weekend is no exception. So what’s going on that is of particular interest?
Well, over in Calexico they gave a raise to the city manager while laying off other employees in a cost cutting move.
Apparently, Oscar Rodriguez couldn’t make it on his $125,000 plus per year salary. Or perhaps it was part of an employment package that included a raise. Either way, the timing is about as poor as you can get.
It makes no sense to be laying off people to give other people raises. Perhaps Mr. Rodriguez, or the three council members who voted for it, could come up with a good explanation to the city staff as to why they have to take cuts.
The “we don’t have any money” song and dance doesn’t quite ring as true when this august body of elected officials makes such a decision.
Isn’t this one of the reasons that Rodriguez’s predecessor was replaced? He was making too much money? Here we go again with a city manager in the Border City. It’s become an annual rite of passage to see who will have the job for another year.
Mr. Moreno voted for the increase, as he did previously for raises for Victor Carrillo. We’re not sure why Daniel Romero, who is traditionally conservative, voted for the increase. or Maritza Hurtado, who rarely says anything.
Perhaps Mr. Rodriguez will give out bigger Christmas gifts to people at City Hall with his increase.
We will wait to see what happens next.
Calexico rocked the Border again on Thanksgiving weekend with three groups and an  art show. apparently the Rock the Border event was free this year, due to is location at the Cultural Arts Center. Art and rock’n roll is an interesting combination that made for an evening of entertainment.
THE CALEXICO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS GETTING BACK ON ITS FEET with the help of the city. It will have to do more fundraising projects in 2012 to keep up with demand. But for now, they can breathe easier.
The annual Farmworkers breakfast will take place this Friday at 3 a.m. at the One stop Employment Center. This annual event brings out lots of people to say thank you to the people who provide the labor to get the agricultural products of the Valley to market and keep us all prospering.
You can also get in the Christmas spirit by watching the
Calexico Christmas Parade Saturday, Dec. 10th. The year-end festivities are shaping up.
Most of you survived Black Friday and there were no known shootings in Imperial Valley.
This Thanksgiving “tradition”  is becoming all-consuming these days. Retailers are pushing Turkey Day right out of the picture too. Making a buck shouldn’t be the most sacred part of the Calendar. But, come to think of it, that’s what America has become. A nation of consumers who are consumed by their own lust for what they see as a bargain.
Have we turned into a nation of selfish, greedy competitors looking to “save” at any cost? Let’s hope not.
THE CAT PROBLEM IS GETTING TRAPPED AWAY in Holltville, or so they tell us. Some folks wanted the cats neutered and returned to roam the streets.
That’s not a good policy. Those cats are going to get hungry and will be looking for food. They will also look for places to mark their territory and other things. In addition to stinking up the city, they will be a nuisance and potential danger to children and adults alike.
I’m a cat lover who has had at least five animals at my house. We currently only have one.
The cats need to be rounded up and put up for adoption through the local animal shelter, or at least contained where they aren’t a danger to anyone or themselves.
Perhaps the city can round up a cat wrangler, complete with lasso and horse, to go out and drive them little critters to a corral!
Or Holtville could get around to hiring a dog catcher (animal control officer) for the city like it used to have. ‘Tis the season to be generous. Be generous to the people of Holtville and the animal population by providing proper control.
He, or she, might even trap a few reindeer on Christmas Eve. Or perhaps some of those cats can pull a sleigh for Santa!



Holtville Tribune 12-02-12

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