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Holtville Tribune 12-30-11

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I.V.Weekly-Chronicle 12-29-11


Why: A new law will go effect January 1, 2012, increasing the age that children
must remain in a booster seat from age six to age eight. (In addition, if
older children are not tall enough to fit an adult seat belt properly, they
must ride in a booster or car seat.) This law is expected to impact more
than 1.1 million children across California and will increase their chances of
surviving a crash by 45 percent. The fine for violating this law will be a
minimum of $475 and one point on the parent or driver’s record.
What: Join safety experts from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency
and the California Highway Patrol as they demonstrate why children of this
age still need a booster seat.
Children will take part in a “fit test” to see if they need a booster. This is a
simple test parents can do themselves to see what is the safest way to
transport their child.
Hear the answers to the most common questions about booster seats.
Experts will discuss how to “sell” the idea of a booster to a child.


Porque: Una nueva ley entrara en vigor el primero de enero, 2012 que aumenta la
edad que los niños deben usar asientos elevados (booster) de seis a ocho
años. (Además, si niños de mayor edad no son los suficientemente altos
para usar un cinturón de adultos de manera adecuada, deben permanecer
en un asiento elevado (booster) o asiento de seguridad) Se espera que la
ley afecte a mas de 1.1 millón de niños a través del estado de California y
aumentara las probabilidad de sobrevivir un choque automovilístico por un
45 por ciento. La multa por no seguir esta ley es un mínimo de $475
además de un punto en el expediente del padre o conductor del vehículo.
Que: Acompañe a expertos de seguridad de la Agencia de Servicios de
Emergencias Medicas (EMS por sus siglas en ingles) y la Patrulla de
Caminos de California (CHP por sus siglas en ingles) que demostraran por
qué los niños de esta edad aun necesitan un asiento elevado (booster).
Niños participaran en una “prueba” para ver si necesitan un asiento
elevado. Esta es una prueba sencilla que los padres pueden hacer para
decidir cuál es la manera más segura de transportar a su hijo/hija.
Escuche las respuestas a las preguntas más comunes de los asientos
Expertos hablaran de cómo “venderle” la idea a los pequeños de utilizar un
asiento elevado (booster).


By Mario Conde

The County Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday a resolution approving and signing of the 2011 Local Jail Constructing Financing.

In a previous Board action, the Sheriff’s Office was authorized to move forward in the competitive process for new jail construction funding available through Assembly Bill 900. The Department hired an outside consulting firm to prepare the required Needs Assessment documents and funding application for submittal to the Corrections Standards Authority. The Needs Assessment and funding application must be submitted to CSA by January 11, 2012 for evaluation and approval for our local jail construction project.

The required planning documents and applications for AB 900 Phase II construction funding are being completed by the consultant in response to the January 11, 2012 timeline. The AB 900 Phase II application is requesting $33 million in State jail construction lease revenue bond financing to expand inmate custody housing and needed program support space for Imperial County jail facilities. The scope of the AB 900 Phase II construction project will include the programming, design and construction of a new 228 bed, medium security tiered housing unit in a dormitory configuration. The construction project will also include building space for expanded inmate programs, medical services, new jail pre-book and intake processing unit, Central Control, laundry, and administration/staff services center.

The Corrections Standards Authority will evaluate the Sheriff’s Office application for AB 900 Phase II construction funding and will announce conditional awards for the county jail construction projects in March 2012. If the Sheriff’s Office application is accepted by CSA and conditional awarded AB 900 Phase II construction funding, the project schedule indicate that the completion of the jail project and occupancy of the new facility would likely occur in the Fall of 2016. The Sheriff’s Office, under the AB 900 Phase II funding requirements, would be expected to staff and open the new jail facility within 90 day of the issuance of the Notice of Completion of the proposed construction project.

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