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I.V.Weekly-Chronicle 11-24-11


I’m excited to tell you that I have chosen to serve as an MDA Jailbird and am being Locked-Up…that’s right, I’m going behind bars to help Jerry’s Kids©.  In order to be released on good behavior, I need your help to raise my “bail.”

On December 1st, 2011, Vasqo Technologies is participating in a ?Lock-Up? event at Carinos Italian Grill in El Centro, which will raise money to assist the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Our Pledge is $800 to send one child from the Imperial Valley/San Diego area to a MDA summer camp.

Help Bail Vasqo Technologies Out of JAIL! Any amount of Donation is appreciated!

Via Internet @

By Mail or In Store At


Vasqo Technologies

419 S. 4th St.

El Centro, CA 92243


All Donations from the Lock-Up will support local families, children and adults living with neuromuscular disease and guarantee that MDA can continue its mission to find treatments and cures, as well as provide vital services.

Just click hereto make a secure, online donation before 12/01/11. This is a fun event benefiting individuals and families served by MDA who are affected by neuromuscular disease. I am honored to partner with MDA, and help this important cause.

Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions.

Thanks in advance for your help. Together we’ll make a difference!

Carlos Vasquez
Vasqo Technologies
419 S. 4th St.
El Centro, CA 92243

P.S. I’m counting on you, click here to donate.

If the link above does not work, please cut and paste the address below into the address bar of your Internet browser.


Calexico, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Calexico downtown port of entry arrested a 33-year-old male Mexican citizen after they found 27 pounds of cocaine hidden in the vehicle he was driving when he entered the port Saturday.

The seizure occurred at about 4:15 a.m. when a detector dog alerted to a tan 2000 Dodge Neon as the driver waited in line for inspection. Both vehicle and driver were escorted to the secondary inspection area for further examination.

An intensive inspection led officers to the discovery of 12 wrapped packages of cocaine concealed within the rear doors of the vehicle. The estimated street value of the narcotic is $243,000.

CBP officers turned custody of the driver, a resident of Imperial, California, over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who then transported him to the Imperial County Jail where he currently awaits arraignment.

CBP placed an immigration hold on the Mexican citizen to initiate removal from the United States at the conclusion of his criminal proceedings.

CBP seized the narcotic and vehicle.



By Jim Predmore

Judge Ulloa speak of the great need of Adoptive Parents and calls them heroes for opening up their homes and hearts to these children.

National Adoption Day is a national day of celebration of adoptive families. It is also an opportunity for courts to open their doors and finalize the adoptions of children from foster care. Since 2000, more than 35,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day.
On November 19, 2011, families, adoption advocates, policymakers, judges and volunteers came together and celebrate adoption in communities large and small all across the nation.
The One Day Project was created by the National Adoption Day Coalition to share with the thousands of waiting children what this one day is like, and what it means to find their forever family.
The Honorable Judge Juan Ulloa spoke of the families that consider fostering and adopting children as heroes. Judge Ulloa stated that their ultimate goal is to have the children, which for some reason have been removed from their parents care, be reunited with their birth parents. This is not always possible and that where adoption is such a needed and positive option for children and teenagers. There is new legislation that will take affect on January 1st 2012 that will enable families that take in foster kids in their later years to be able to have support until their 21st birthday if needed. This will give these children a better chance to be able to care for themselves.
With the large number of children in need of foster/adoptive care, prospective parents are much needed in the Imperial County.  For more information on becoming a foster/adoptive parent, contact the Imperial County Children & Family Services at (760) 482-2000.


Cities Make Reasonable Vote On Utility Taxes & Boring GOP Debates

holtville and brawley voters decided to vote for reasonableness when it comes to the Utility Taxes in their cities.
Both cities retained them and, thus retained a whole bunch of necessary services provided at a reasonable cost.
Holtville, of course had the most controversy, even though the electorate decided what’s right for the people, not some pompous, overly opinionated zealots who thought they knew better than the public.
Well, they didn’t.
It’s amazing what happens when the people speak through a fair and open election. Some members of the city council in Holtville ought to consider running in an election. But, then they might meet the same fate as their utility tax rebellion.
People want fairness and reasonable services for their money. They got it with the Utility Tax and said so.
ONE THING THAT WAS MISSING IN HOLTVILLE, however, was an animal control officer. Whoever heard of a city without a dog catcher? Or, in Holtville’s case, a cat catcher.
Apparently that must have been overlooked in the contract with the County Sheriff.
There are cats everywhere in town. They’ve been left to breed unattended for too long. The city wants the citizens to trap them with traps they provide. But then what do you do with them?
For years, Holtville had an animal control officer roaming the streets looking for strays. It’s time to get back to that before the dogs and cats are roaming unattended everywhere.
The Council and the City Manager needs to put aside the hooey about “we don’t have any money” and go find it. Do something for the people that will provide a service that is definitely needed.
YAWN. POLITICAL DEBATES ARE QUITE possibly the most boring form of entertainment you can find.
Entertainment? Well, little gets said that is of any importance and what does is immediately pounced upon by “the media.” Then it is over analyzed and criticized to the point of non-existence.
So it must be entertainment. Reporters must get tired of hearing the same old thing day after day form the same old candidates, so if anything gout of the ordinary happens, they immediately try to destroy the perpetrator of a faux paus.
Witness Rick Perry who forgot one line of his speech and was plastered all over the front page and editorial page, as well as all the television news and talk shows in the country.
If you take a look at the eight candidates who are going around debating each other, you see seven middle aged men and one woman who look like they’ve been cut out of molds. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect suits, perfect ties. They even shine their shoes.
We in this county  have to pick our leaders somehow. But this public hanging of a venture hardly appears to be very effective. The primaries are coming up. Maybe we’ll get some answers from the electorate as to who they want.
Then these cardboard cutouts of candidates can be put back in the closet for another four years.

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