Ocotillo Author Talks About Her New Book at the Holtville Library

By Luke Phillips

Ocotillo resident and author Mary Rincon stopped by the Holtville library last week to talk to a handful of residents about her new book ‘Dead or Alive Agent Orange’, a fictionalized version of events that Rincon took from her own life.
Rincon says the book’s main character is based on her father who died years after being exposed to agent orange in Vietnam. Rincon says the military denied that her father was exposed to the toxic substance and tried to send him back to Vietnam, but he went AWOL and spent years running from the FBI.
“It was a chance to be close to and relate in some way to my dad,” Rincon said.
In Rincon’s novel the character based on her father dies before making it back home but is found to have been replaced by a clone, which turns out to be part of a wider conspiracy to replace U.S. Soldiers with clones as fodder for wars. Rincon says the story is part mystery, part action, and part science fiction.
Rincon claims that the government covered up the fact that her father died from exposure to agent orange by not performing an autopsy and burning the body right away, all of which she says is also part of the book.
“All this stuff is in the book,” she says. “It’s got mystery, murder and suspense.
‘Dead or Alive Agent Orange’ was published by Publish America, Inc. and is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders Book Stores and at Amazon.com.
Rincon has previously written seven other books including her series of ‘Maresa’ children’s books.