National Adoption Day Celebrated In El Centro

By Jim Predmore

Judge Ulloa speak of the great need of Adoptive Parents and calls them heroes for opening up their homes and hearts to these children.

National Adoption Day is a national day of celebration of adoptive families. It is also an opportunity for courts to open their doors and finalize the adoptions of children from foster care. Since 2000, more than 35,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day.
On November 19, 2011, families, adoption advocates, policymakers, judges and volunteers came together and celebrate adoption in communities large and small all across the nation.
The One Day Project was created by the National Adoption Day Coalition to share with the thousands of waiting children what this one day is like, and what it means to find their forever family.
The Honorable Judge Juan Ulloa spoke of the families that consider fostering and adopting children as heroes. Judge Ulloa stated that their ultimate goal is to have the children, which for some reason have been removed from their parents care, be reunited with their birth parents. This is not always possible and that where adoption is such a needed and positive option for children and teenagers. There is new legislation that will take affect on January 1st 2012 that will enable families that take in foster kids in their later years to be able to have support until their 21st birthday if needed. This will give these children a better chance to be able to care for themselves.
With the large number of children in need of foster/adoptive care, prospective parents are much needed in the Imperial County.  For more information on becoming a foster/adoptive parent, contact the Imperial County Children & Family Services at (760) 482-2000.