In Other Words

Cities Make Reasonable Vote On Utility Taxes & Boring GOP Debates

holtville and brawley voters decided to vote for reasonableness when it comes to the Utility Taxes in their cities.
Both cities retained them and, thus retained a whole bunch of necessary services provided at a reasonable cost.
Holtville, of course had the most controversy, even though the electorate decided what’s right for the people, not some pompous, overly opinionated zealots who thought they knew better than the public.
Well, they didn’t.
It’s amazing what happens when the people speak through a fair and open election. Some members of the city council in Holtville ought to consider running in an election. But, then they might meet the same fate as their utility tax rebellion.
People want fairness and reasonable services for their money. They got it with the Utility Tax and said so.
ONE THING THAT WAS MISSING IN HOLTVILLE, however, was an animal control officer. Whoever heard of a city without a dog catcher? Or, in Holtville’s case, a cat catcher.
Apparently that must have been overlooked in the contract with the County Sheriff.
There are cats everywhere in town. They’ve been left to breed unattended for too long. The city wants the citizens to trap them with traps they provide. But then what do you do with them?
For years, Holtville had an animal control officer roaming the streets looking for strays. It’s time to get back to that before the dogs and cats are roaming unattended everywhere.
The Council and the City Manager needs to put aside the hooey about “we don’t have any money” and go find it. Do something for the people that will provide a service that is definitely needed.
YAWN. POLITICAL DEBATES ARE QUITE possibly the most boring form of entertainment you can find.
Entertainment? Well, little gets said that is of any importance and what does is immediately pounced upon by “the media.” Then it is over analyzed and criticized to the point of non-existence.
So it must be entertainment. Reporters must get tired of hearing the same old thing day after day form the same old candidates, so if anything gout of the ordinary happens, they immediately try to destroy the perpetrator of a faux paus.
Witness Rick Perry who forgot one line of his speech and was plastered all over the front page and editorial page, as well as all the television news and talk shows in the country.
If you take a look at the eight candidates who are going around debating each other, you see seven middle aged men and one woman who look like they’ve been cut out of molds. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect suits, perfect ties. They even shine their shoes.
We in this county  have to pick our leaders somehow. But this public hanging of a venture hardly appears to be very effective. The primaries are coming up. Maybe we’ll get some answers from the electorate as to who they want.
Then these cardboard cutouts of candidates can be put back in the closet for another four years.