In Other Words

Spartan Chili Cook-Off Brings Back Memories; Media Overkill; Holtville Cats

Lacking in character or substance is a Spartan existence. Due to the slow down in funds from a lot of sources and due to the general nature of economic conditions, a lot of events have become Spartan in their appearance.
The latest victim to this lack of flair would have to be the Brawley Chili Cook-Off. We’ve been a participant in the event for the last two years and have covered it regularly since we began publishing in Brawley in the early Nineties.
There lots of Wild West themed booths and decorations galore. There were dance hall girls and saloon settings, as well as pirate ships, and gun-toting outlaws. There was even a Hillbilly Jug Band one year.
Pioneers Memorial Hospital, under the direction of Clyde Carson, came up with booths that were legendary. They stage productions unto themselves.
This year , unfortunately, the lack of booths with a flair was noticeable to everyone. There were a few witch costumes and wood-framed designed that caught the eye. But overall, the high cost of building  such an elaborate set has outstripped its value as a means of entertainment.
We were among those who had to cut back on booth decorations. We made up for with  finger lickin’ good chili, though. As did most of the booths.
But were are feeling nostalgic for the good old days and hope that some of the elaborate layouts that dotted the grounds at the Chili Cook-Off will return next year. It makes all the difference when it comes to having a great event or an outstanding event.
We saw out old friend Gene Brister form KXO Radio there, doing the announcing for the cook-off. Gene and I go back to the nineties when it comes to covering these things. We’re glad to see some of us oldtimers still have a stake in these things. And we hope the new folks coming up continue with the Cattle Call tradition for long, long time. But bring back the booth decorations.
I’m told the Chili Cook-Off actually drew more people than it has in the past, thus the move to new facilities with more room. The Wiest Field location made it easier to see and reach all the booths this year too.
We hope you have gotten a chance to see some of the Cattle Call events this week. The Big Parade is Saturday and the Rodeo starts Saturday afternoon, with performances Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon once again. It’s a kick in the dirt.
There are plenty of food booths available too. Don’t forget the Lions Club pancake breakfast in North Plaza Park. it’s well worth the price and if you don’t get your fill you just aren’t trying!
THE WAY THE CANDIDATES ARE FALLING by the wayside, it will be a wonder if the Republicans have anyone who isn’t discredited by “the media” before the nomination process begins.
I’ve been embarrassed by the national media due its bulldog style of reporting when it comes to the political candidates and its need to jump on every story as though it is the beginning of Armageddon.
These attacks have been spearheaded by an overzealous and vicious electronic contingent that is looking to get more sensational with every passing day.
I suppose they have to have something to do when they are assigned to follow eight middle aged, establishment type people around  everyday. I mean, these guys, and a gall, probably spend their evenings working on their stamp and coin collections.
Puhlease!! Quit unloading on every suspicion to get more media attention before everyone in the nation turns you off completely and goes back to reading newspapers.
Or maybe they’ll have an election and nobody shows up. That would be a change, wouldn’t it?
MEANWHILE OVER IN HOLTVILLE we have dogs and cats running wild in the streets. Literally.
Apparently the city made no provisions for an animal control officer when it decided to use the services of the County Sheriff for policing. The Sheriff just ain’t gonna chase after dogs and cats with a nine millimeter.
So the city wants you to get some cat traps and trap the wild critters yourself. In other words, you be the dog, or cat, catcher.
Come, come boys and girls at City Hall. You should be able to do better than this. After all, you promised us better things with the Sheriff. Get those little furry creatures out from under our feet and our car tires now!