Name:        JARED A, GAREWAL

Phone:    760-562-4254

Age: 33

Family:    Wife Mariana, and four children, Abby, J.R., Jasmine, and Andrew

Campaign email:

Facebook Fan Page Name:      Vote for Jared Garewal

Education:       Bachelors in History from University of California at Santa Barbara,  Graduate studies in Cross Cultural Education from National University, Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Experience:    Teacher at Holtville High School (August 2000 – June 2006), School Support Coordinator at Imperial County Office of  Education  (August 2006 – June 2007), Agriculture Business Manager at R.S. Garewal and Sons, Inc., (July 2007 – present)

Candidate Statement:
I am a product of the Holtville school system and I was proud to come back to teach in Holtville for six years.  I will have four children graduate from the Holtville school system.  As a board member I will do my part in continuing to provide a meaningful education for all Holtville Unified School district students.  I feel that through a collaborative and proactive effort, I can help develop and implement policy that is all inclusive, balanced, and student driven.  In addition, I will hold myself accountable to ensuring a quality education for all Holtville students through fiscal accountability, safe and adequate facilities and resources, and quality curriculum and instruction.


Age:  46

Family: Wife Rosie, and three chldren, Erica, Emily, and Sadie.

Goals:  Continue to be proactive in the management of potential state budget cuts, curriculum improvement at all education levels, provide for a safe and effective learning environment, furnish staff with training, improve and maintain school facilities.

Statement:  As a board member I have been proactive in dealing with the difficult fiscal issues involving California’s budget. I am proud that our District is financially sound.  I will continue to work with administration, teachers, classified staff and my board colleagues in the fulfillment of my paramount objective which is to provide all students of Holtville schools a quality education in an effective and safe learning environment.  I have lived in Holtville all my life and attended Holtville schools.  My wife and I have 3 children, 2 who currently attend Holtville Schools and one who has graduated.  I pledge to be accessible to parents, staff, students and the community.  Please vote for Terry Allegranza on November 8, 2011.

Education:  Holtville High School diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University.  Graduate course work in the Master of Public Administration program at San Diego State University.

Experience:  current Holtville Unified School District Board of Trustees member, Accounting Manager for Desert Sky Farms,  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Holtville Treasurer and Elder,  Verde 4-H Treasurer Advisor,  current member of the Rotary Club of Holtville, Holtville Athletic Club and Holtville Chamber of Commerce,  2007-2010 member Parent of Finley Group,  2009-2010 Holtville Unified School District Career Tech Education Advisory Committee

Please vote for Terry Allegranza on November 8, 2011.