Colleen Ludwig Speaks

To the Editor:
Did you sign the petition to end the Users Utility Tax?
Do you realize the services now provided by the Tax will be reduced or no longer provided?
Let’s look at the Parks budget: 5% of the Users Utility Tax assures you of lighting in Samaha Park for the tennis courts and skateboarders until 10:00 p.m.; and the facilities at Mack Park with lighting for Little League and soccer teams; as well as Holt Park with the abundance of playground equipment, picnic and barbecue amenities and the swimming pool for all events.
Also the Fire Department, who are first responders for fire suppression, bleeding, heart attacks, breathing irregularities, blood pressure issues, power outages, falling trees, flooding or any personal life-threatening concern that are the most widespread emergencies and would be subjected to cutbacks.
The Police Department, who roam your 17 miles of streets and alleys 24 hours a day and who are always on-call, as is the Fire Department, for any activity that may be frightening or suspicious (such as threats of violence driving under the influence, loud music, family disputes, neighbor problems, animal control, graffiti, unusual alley activity and more) would likewise be affected.
These three major services will be the most affected with the loss of the Users Utility Tax. They are the services the Users Utility Tax was implemented to cover.
The Redevelopment Agency (RDA) funds are frozen by the State and will cripple any proposed projects enhancing the City of Holtville for use by the residents.
I want to believe that the fiber of this Community will continue to support the needs of service as it has always done in the past, and will keep the Users Utility Tax intact to succeed in the progress of our unique Community, the City of Holtville.
Colleen Ludwig