Cattle Call Mini-Rodeo

By Jim Predmore
The Cattle Call Arena was a buzz on Tuesday morning as young exceptional students from all around the Valley were able to get a free preview of the 2011 Cattle Call Rodeo. This year’s mini-rodeo featured many of the events that were seen at the rodeo over the weekend, giving the youngsters an up close look at the Cowboys, Cowgirls and the Livestock as they raced around barrels, poles, gunnysacks, and on rawhide.
The clowns were also their to raise the excitement for the children, they came out with On-Strike signs boycotting country music and unveiled a banner saying “We Love Rock-N-Roll” to the music of Elvis Presley.
The mini-rodeo also gives the young Cowboys and Cowgirls a chance to compete in real rodeo computation and compete they do. Erin Wilson won the pole bending event with a time of 20.42 seconds. The barrel race was won by Mariana Ruiz with an outstanding time of 17.03 seconds. Victoria Washakie gave every one a scare as she flew off her horse rounding one of the barrels which brought in the Gold Cross Ambulance and crew to attend to her, but after a few minutes she was able to stand up and walk out of the arena with a little help.. Victoria came back and competed in the next computation.
The mini-rodeo was a great time for all and a great event for the youngsters.