We’re Celebrating Our 107th Year!!

Steve Larson
Publisher & Editor
Welcome to the future.
We’re already 11 years into the new millennium and the Weekly-Chronicle/Holtville Tribune is still going strong.
Some folks thought that we wouldn’t last past 1990. How wrong they have been.
We’ve gone through one transition after another as technology in the newspaper industry changed with the times and the Imperial Valley became more urbanized.
When we purchased the Tribune on July 1, 1990, we were looking at a farming community that was in a state of transition.
There were those folks who wanted to hang on to the past as tenaciously as bulldog with a new bone. And there were those who wanted immediate change.
Surprisingly, neither side has won out in this tug of war entirely. More like the Valley has become more regionalized. Farming still holds out in the eastern part of the Valley while the urban setting of houses, chain restaurants and major shopping malls is firmly in place in the central Valley.
Why, we even have had some people who commuted to San Diego on a regular basis or lived in the mountains and commuted to the Valley. This is California, after all. The most mobile state in the nation.
Here at the newspapers we’ve transition from backroom printing, to offset production at  another printer, to e-mailing our pages and now are using Facebook more and more.
We’ve even started putting our full pages on the web so you get the perfect feel for a newspaper even though it is online.
All of our advertising and marketing strategies have to include the internet. Log on or log out of business.
And what a reach it has provided for our little newspapers! We average 13,000 hits on Facebook and we have had as many as 50,000 hits online for some of our news stories. Talk about getting your message out to the public!
The trick, of course is to keep the advertisers happy and using not only the print media but at least a portion of our internet offering. Look for more advertisers to start using our internet connections. We already get questions about the number of people viewing our sites on a regular basis.
The public also demands more. Instant news is not uncommon. No sense in waiting until the end of the week when you can find out what’s going on now. However, not everything moves at the speed of light.
The printed word is still in high demand from people, such as myself, who want a cup of coffee and a newspaper in the morning.
That beats an energy drink and an i-Pad any day. Also, not everything has to move at the speed of light. It’s comforting to know I can take my time to read and digest the day’s happenings, form an opinion on an issue while reviewing material about it, or just enjoy a comic strip laugh.
We think there are plenty of people who think the same way. And from out advertisers, large and small, we know they are still interested in seeing their service advertised in a stationary newspaper, where it can be looked at several times in the comfort of your living room.
Modern newspapers can offer the public the best of both worlds. We’ll give you news about your local community while also relating it to the big picture .
As Long as there have been newspapers there has always been challengers. Radio. Movies. Television. Fax machines. Home computers. Cell phones.
But the newspaper has stayed a strong commodity to get your message out to the public.
The vehicle may keep changing, but the product will continue to provide people with the information they really need to run their daily lives.
And you don’t need a special decoder or an electric note pad to access it.
Will the newspaper still be here in another 107 years? Who knows? One thing is for certain, though. People will always have a need to get information about their world dispensed to them. The form it takes, will continue to be an exciting one.


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