SDSU-IV Awards Community Activist Scholarships To Students

By Patricia A. Aguilar
On Friday, October 7th, 2011 at ten in the morning San Diego State University-Imperial Valley awarded five students with scholarships that together were worth ten thousand dollars. The first scholarship to be awarded was the ‘Alejandro and Florencia Nogales Scholarship’, followed by the ‘Emily Wogaman Scholarship’ and the newly established ‘Alicia Mendoza Scholarship’; the ‘Alicia Mendoza Scholarship’ was named after active community member and Calexico City advocate Ms. Alicia Mendoza.  The scholarships each are awarded once a year to full-time SDSU-IV students who meet the various requirements.
In a ceremony held in front of SDSU’s famous entryway friends and family gathered to watch as Dean of the Campus Dr. David Pearson, Ms. Alicia Mendoza, and Nogales Family Scholarship Representative Ms. Florencia Nogales each awarded and congratulated the students as they were presented with an award letter.  Dr. Pearson quoted Mr. Luis Nogales in his speech and called him a ‘true champion of higher education.” and expressed how it was his influence, support, and generosity for scholarships that paved the road for the students of today.
Receiving the ‘Alejandro and Florencia Nogales Scholarship’ was Alya Marissa Huyrch, Jose Luis Martinez, and Christopher Heim.  The ‘Emily Wogaman Scholarship’ was awarded to Toni G. Bracamonte and the ‘Alicia Mendoza Scholarship’ was given to Alysa Yran Teran.  lysa Yran Teran.
Ms. Huyrch is a Liberal Studies Major and is a senior this fall semester. After graduation her plans are to continue her education and enter the field of education as a teacher.  Mr. Martinez already has his Bachelor’s in Psychology and is completing a Graduate Program in Social Work. He hopes to either become involved with public service or become an academic advisor in higher education.  Mr. Heim is a Psychology Major in his senior year and plans to obtain another degree in International Business with an emphasis in European marketing and finance with the hopes of working overseas when done.  Ms. Bracamonte is a History Major and is also a senior this fall. She plans on continuing her education with a Master’s degree in History and a PhD in Philosophy; she plans to teach History later on.  Ms. Teran unlike her peers is a sophomore and is currently contemplating a double major in Communications or Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. She would like to one day work as an elementary teacher or a speech therapist.
It is clear that with ambitions such as these, all of the scholarship recipients have a bright future ahead of them.

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