Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District Announce completion of its second Leadership Academy

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is pleased to announce the successful completion of its second Leadership Academy, which has produced nine graduates. The Leadership Academy is an internal training program for employees who have demonstrated the interest and aptitude for additional leadership and management responsibilities. The Academy was conducted over a four-month period with classes each month.

The graduates are Brenda Delgado, Calexico Health Center; Claudia Moreno, Calexico Health Center; Loren Johnston, Imaging Services; Heather Munger, RN, Medical Surgery Unit; Lupe Orozco, RN, Nursing Administration; d’Andre York, RN, Perinatal Services; Gina Parker, RN, Quality; Daniel Camillo, RN, Surgery; and Sandra Mendoza, RN, Calexico Health Center.

“This ongoing training for employees is designed to develop and hone leadership and management skills,” stated Bob Honaker, Associate Administrator and Chief Human Resources Officer. “We are extremely pleased with the participation, the subject matter, and the feedback. With two classes of graduates now, we are ensuring a succession plan for the future of PMHD,” continued Honaker.


“On behalf of all the members of the PMHD Board of Directors, I just want to say that we are as proud of this second class as we were of the first,” stated Marcus Tapia, Board president. “This accomplishment —both for the graduates and the instructor team—is one of the many reasons PMHD has received the Employer of Choice™ award,” noted Tapia.


The topics covered in the Academy included a broad overview of the organization, performance improvement/quality/risk management, human resources policies, compliance, budgeting, project management, work injuries (the employer’s role and PMHD’s Safety Program), recruiting, coaching, disruptive behavior, conflict management, teamwork, and patient satisfaction. Each of the various topics was presented by the appropriate internal expert on the subject matter or by contracted service providers.


The Leadership Academy will ensure that, as Pioneers continues to grow; its employees will have the necessary management skills to step into key positions within the hospital as needed