It is fall and but have you fallen? Need help and can’t get up? Want to have a Merry Christmas? If you are a man, a new Men’s Support Group is being offered by the Son-Shine Counseling Center (SSCC). It will begin in October when there are 10 men signed up. It will be facilitated by Jim Shinn, clinical social worker, who has over 25 years experience in leading group counseling activities. The program will be 8 sessions at a cost of $20 per session. If a pastor or agency person writes a letter for an interested man, the cost can be free.

The group will help men cope with life’s struggles. The facilitator will focus on issues that will help the specific needs of the members. Mr. Shinn has successfully coped with a variety of life challenges: addiction, divorce, un/underemployment, and the deaths of many friends and both parents. A theme of many of the sessions will be emotional and anger management.

Men are encouraged to come check out the first session which may begin as early as Tuesday, October 11 at 7:00 pm. The SSCC is located at 1073 Ross Avenue, #C in El Centro, next to the Bucklin Park. Wives, girlfriends and parents are encouraged to call to get information on strategies to get their loved ones signed up.

Mr. Shinn guarantees that the group will help men feel better, improve family relationships and possibly help members find new employment. Men will only be allowed to enter the group during the first two sessions. For more information, call 353-5059 or email Mr. Shinn at If you want information about the SSCC, please see their website at