Mack Park Renovations May Become Community Project

By Luke Phillips
With Redevelopment Agency funds currently frozen by the state the city may be looking to the community to help revitalize and restore Mack Park and install badly-needed sports fields for the city’s youth.
Holtville City Manager Alex Meyerhoff told the city council at their meeting Monday that he had met with Holtville Soccer League president Luis Imperial about the possibility of turning Mack Park into a community project.
“I think that it’s something we can do with some city labor, donations and a lot of community spirit,” Meyerhoff told the council.
Imperial, along with Holtville Little League president Jose Larios, came to the council several months ago seeking support for a community project at the park to increase the capacity of local youth sports organizations who are in dire need of more space to play. But instead of utilizing community resources to build new fields the city took the lead on the project and went to a professional design firm to have plans drawn up at the suggestion of former city manager Laura Fischer. The resulting plans by the firm Architerra would have cost nearly a million dollars to construct, more than twice what the city had budgeted for the project. The project fell by the wayside when residents couldn’t agree on which of the features they wanted to see included and which should be cut to save on costs.    Meyerhoff says he’s now in discussions to go back to the original plan and finish the project though work by the city’s public works department, volunteer work and donations for local residents and service organizations and he says he’d like to see work on the project finished by the end of the year.    “I think it would be a good way to close out the calendar year,” he said.