Hidalgo Society Hall Fundraiser For Brawley Girl Set For October 15th

Chris Furguson
A barbacoa fundraiser to help a Brawley family pay for hospital expenses will be held on October 15th at the Hidalgo Society Hall.
The fundraiser will help pay for the hospital and aftercare expenses for Arianna Gutierrez, a 19-month old Brawley girl who requires extensive surgery on November 2.
“Some of the things Arianna needs won’t be covered by insurance,” said Arianna’s mother Esmeralda Diaz.
Arianna, Esmeralda and grandfather Pedro Leon were in attendance at the Brawley City Council meeting on October 4, when Brawley Mayor Don Campbell made the announcement.
All of the expenses for the fundraiser were donated, including a generous, but unspecified donation from National Beef’s Brian Webb.  All proceeds will go towards Arianna’s surgery and post care expenses.
Arianna Diaz was born with several issues, including bilateral clubfeet and hip dysplasia (hip dislocation) and no hip sockets among other problems.
Recently, Arianna was checked and found to have her hip sockets developing. The surgery scheduled for November 2 will correct Arianna’s hips and possibly allow her to walk.