SDSU Begins New Semester With New And Ongoing Changes

By Patricia A. Aguilar
Students at San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus started new semester this week. While SDSU-IV students are adjusting to a new school schedule, Imperial Valley College students have already been at SDSU-IV for the past week.  SDSU is housing several English Second Language classes in the morning for IVC this semester, a reflection of the new partnership SDSU-IV has been building with IVC.
The blended group of students isn’t’ the only recent changes SDSU-IV is seeing; over the summer there has been extensive renovations to the campus’ newer buildings. The 7.2 earthquake that shook the valley nearly two years ago left many of SDSU-IV buildings with cracked walls. While the damage was not structural, the quake left its mark. The older buildings will be renovated as well, once FEMA funds are allocated to the University noted Business Director Irma Martinez.
SDSU-IV continues to house The Confucius Institute, and the Chinese Culture classes offered though the Institute will be open and free to the public. Professor Huihui ‘Wendy” Huang is both instructor and representative for the Confucius Institute and recently renewed her two year contract after a brief visit home this summer. Classes are separated into two sections; Beginners that runs from August 29th to October 19th and Advanced which starts on October 24th and ends on December 14th. Classes meet every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm.  In addition to having classes open to the public, Professor Huang is also holding classes for Junior High and High School students, as well as SDSU-IV classes. For more information or to enroll, please call (760) 768-5505 or email
San Diego State University -IV is also looking forward to a visit from renowned author Victor Edmundo Villaseñor. Villaseñor will be promoting his autobiographical novel ‘Burro Genius’ in which he details his personal struggle and achievements with literacy and life. The event is part of a literacy outreach program that is an ongoing joint effort organized by SDSU-IV and KPBS. Villaseñor will be speaking to High School and College students who will have already read the book, and will have opportunity to interact and ask questions of the author. The event will take place on October 20th 2011, at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley, and will be open to the public with priority seating to students.  You can contact Norma. A. Aguilar at (760) 768-5637 or email at