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Back From Vacation!

GETTING BACK FROM A VACATION IS ALWAYS HARD the first few days. Your body and mind are still geared to leisure time, while you are required to get back into work mode.
That’s what I have been doing for the last couple of days. Getting acclimated to working again.
The fingers don’t quite fit the computer keyboard properly for a little while. That’s obviously a skill that requires constant use to do well at it.
But once over that hurdle it’s time to take a look at the Imperial Valley once more as we head into Fall and the last  one-third of the year.
EVERYBODY LOST THEIR POWER when a technician who was trying to fix something disconnected the wrong machine. He (or she) disconnected the power to all of Southern California along the border.
Such a disaster can disrupt the lives of millions of people that it makes me wonder just how safe are some of our industries and basis services.
After the government has spent billions on Homeland Security all it takes is one fellow in a power plant to disrupt all our lives. There would appear to be a safety gap in there somewhere.
There’s no need to blow anything up. Just go to the local power plant and unplug the coffee pot, figuratively speaking.
Our power companies need to do a better job than this when it comes to the sensitivities of the grid. Otherwise we’re going to be spending a lot more time in the dark.
FORMER IID COMMUNITY RELATIONS DIRECTOR and Brawley Chamber Chief Executive Officer has decided to return home after a little over a year on the job.
Ron ran his department as professionally as anyone could at the IID and he did the same at the Brawley Chamber.
His low key approach to the job made him a respected member of the community. But he was put into an impossible situation. Nicole Gilles had been terminated from the Chamber and the office staff went from four people down to Ron and his assistant Alexis Brown.
Now its down to Alexis Brown. All you Tea Party Budget Slashers take note. You have not saved a dime and  a really good organization that promoted Brawley to the world is down to one person.
Chambers in towns a quarter the size of Brawley have more people working in them. And now its almost Cattle Call time. They will get some volunteers, but the major showcase event for the northend will never be the same.
Thanks, Tea Partyers, for throwing the baby out with the bath water.  We wonder if any of you will be volunteering your services at this year’s Cattle Call. Or will you just be running around criticizing everything. And whatever happened to “Gunny Pop,” Nick Popaditch, who was going to be the Congressman with all the answers.  Perhaps he can help out at the pancake breakfast.
SPEAKING OF POLITICS, a subject near and dear to my heart, one candidate has already started throwing mud at his opponent.
Good old Juan Vargas, the prince of dirty campaigning, trumped up an “issue” against Denise Ducheny and tried to pass it off as a public service he is doing by ridding us poor voters of it.
It’s too early to start slinging mud, even when there isn’t any to sling. Most people aren’t even aware there is a campaign going on. But Vargas is right out there on the smear-the-other-guy trail already.
We hope most of this rhetoric gets toned down, but I wouldn’t count on it considering his track record. It will be a nasty primary season if this keeps up.
SEPTEMBER IS THE MONTH OF fiestas for Mexican Independence, always a big deal in these parts. We haven’t heard much about parties this year.
We hope there are a few. After all, this is Imperial Valley, where any old excuse to get outside and socialize is perfectly acceptable!