IID Brings Energy Savings to Small Businesses


Rosie Nava-Bermudez, founder of the Family Tree House, listens as an energy specialist from Synergy Companies explains the energy efficient upgrades that will be installed at the facility.

Imperial Irrigation District has launched a direct-install program to help small, non-residential customers save energy and money. Under this program, at no charge to the IID customer, trained experts conduct an energy assessment at a qualifying facility and install such energy efficient measures as lighting, occupancy sensors and LED exit signs.

The program kicked off at Imperial’s Family Treehouse, a family resource center. IID installed energy efficient lighting, such as hard-wired compact fluorescent light fixtures and T-8 light bulbs.

“We think it’s important that everyone make a commitment to conserve energy—from the supplier to the end user—across all platforms in both the private and public sectors,” said Rosie Nava-Bermudez, founder of the Family Treehouse. “IID and Synergy Companies have helped us stay true to that commitment. At the Family Treehouse, we see the future of the next generation in the eyes of our children. It’s crucial that we make a promise to ‘do better’ for their sake.”

As a result of the energy conservation improvements, the center is expected to save about 2,847 kWh in energy, generating an estimated $370 in annual savings.

“We believe it’s important to foster energy-efficiency practices at all levels, which also helps our customers cut operating costs,” said Sabrina Barber, IID assistant energy manager. “The small commercial sector is traditionally one of the hardest customers to engage in energy efficiency, primarily due to limited finances and technical nature of the upgrades.  A direct-install program overcomes these barriers by providing the upfront costs and technical expertise.”

Each participating customer can receive up to $2,500 in energy efficiency services and measures. IID has partnered with Synergy Companies, a certified contractor, to perform these measures. Qualifying businesses may have already been visited by an energy specialist from Synergy Companies.

Small non-residential customers interested in applying for the program can complete an interest form online at www.iid.com/directinstall or by contacting IID’s Office of Energy Management and Strategic Marketing at (760) 482-3673.

This program is funded through the Public Benefit Charge consistent with AB1890 requirements and administered by the IID.