Holtville Vikings vs San Diego Southwest Raiders

(Home game, 28 to 0 in favor of Vikings)

The football season is relatively still starting and in its second game, the Holtville Vikings find themselves in what will most likely go down as one of the most intense and turn around games of their season. The Vikings found themselves against the San Diego Southwest Raiders, a tough team from a big school that’s known for stomping on small schools like Holtville High School. This particular game would be played in Holtville and will be known as a very close and matched game during its first half but a total shut out during its second half.

The first and second quarters would be very much identical, though there would be some awesome displays of athleticism by both teams, none of them would get past the goal line. Though they would get very close. Both teams appeared to be matched in both offense and defense, their plays would be carefully calculated as each team inched their way into each of their own respective territories. Though neither of them would be able to cross that threshold for an early lead, one thing was starting to be clear though. At first glance, this was going to be a very close game. Since each yard was hard fought, this game was starting to look like it would end with a 0-7 score.

The second half is where things really get interesting. The third quarter would start off where the second one pretty much ended, both teams still inching their way towards their first goal. Then at 6:17, Luis Espinoza would finally break through and score the first Viking touchdown. Though the extra point attempt was not successful, a score of 6-0 would have sufficed as a final score in this close match up. As the quarter ended, the Raiders were trying very hard to redeem that touchdown and tie the game, the Vikings had other plans.

The fourth quarter is the quarter where things really took off, the Viking’s Danny Suarez would score the second Viking touchdown with an extra point assisted by #45 Alex Delente at 4:01 the score was now 14 to 0. The Vikings weren’t quiet done yet as Zack Soto would intercept a Raider’s catch and score a third touchdown at 2:05 with a good extra point the score was now 21 to 0. The Viking field was full of life as the team was really turning things around but of course, why score three when you can score four? Just as the quarter was coming to an end, #3, Clayton would run it into Raider’s territory for a fourth and final touchdown at 1:16 with a successful kick by Luis Espinoza the final score was set at 28 to 0.

Whatever Head Coach Keith Smith told them in the locker rooms during half time worked to spark the Vikings back to life. “The defense played a great game, solid, they really saved us in the first half,” explained Smith. Smith stated that they had some key errors and penalties in the first half that held them back quite a bit. “The only people beating us are ourselves, not the other team,” Smith recalled from his locker room talk with his team.  Smith stated that after making some adjustments and denoting their errors from the first half, their second half allowed them to shine and play the game that they wanted.