Going Natural

by Jorge Villalobos

If life teaches us anything, it’s that life is often open for adjustments. For anyone that ever tried, is and has ever tried to lose weight, this couldn’t be truer. This column debuted in August, but it’s been in preparation since the beginning of July. For over two and a half months I’ve been working to get myself back on track, to reverse my diabetes and to lose weight. This could be daunting and discouraging but remember, even trying to change your lifestyle for the better and having a positive goal is already leaving you better off than you were before you started.
On this edition I want to discuss adjustments. Because if you really think about it, changing a lifestyle or anything is just a series of adjustments you make that can have a positive (or negative) impact on your life. Before you adjust anything you have to learn about yourself, you might even be surprised with how much you actually don’t know about yourself. When I first started this diet, I had no idea what sodium (particularly the heavy amounts I was consuming through processed goods) was doing to my body. I had stopped eating junk food and drinking regular soft drinks but I was still consuming a lot of sodium through diet soda and processed foods.
Canned foods such as Campbell’s Classic Chicken Noodle Soup, that seemed healthy enough on the outside, was just processed and sodium filled food on the inside. I understand why certain foods have to have high amounts of things that we don’t need in them, to preserve them. So for the past two weeks I’ve gone totally natural. I buy fresh vegetables and I prepare all my meals myself so that I know exactly what I’m putting into my body and It has really been working out. This is a very important skill that I feel that is often neglected or seen as unimportant.
First off, I’m finding cooking to be very enjoyable. I enjoy dicing up fresh veggies and protein based meats such as chicken breast and fish. Cooking let’s me not only see something come together with sight and smells but also gives me the satisfaction that if this meal comes out delicious, I can share it with friends.
Of course who doesn’t love someone that can cook? Now that I’ve adjusted my diet to better suit the needs of my body by going natural, I can not only see but feel the difference in how I sleep and perform each day with my daily activities. Clothes are starting to loosen up around my belly area and compliments are starting to pour in.
Don’t get me wrong, I was on the frustrated boat for almost two months wondering why I wasn’t seeing the changes that I wanted. But after I adjusted my diet again and again by tweaking little things here and there, my body reacted in a positive way.
Another thing that had to be adjusted was the consumption of diet colas. I replaced my regular soda habits with a diet alternative and it didn’t much help. When I asked my doctor, Dr. Creek about diet soda he told me that there are studies out there that suggest that diet soda actually enhances your cravings and turns your body to work against you thinking that something that is sweet is actually sugar. After that talk, I completely dropped all types of sodas from my diet; in fact I dropped most drinks too. I reverted to sticking to what Mother Nature intended, water.
So you might be wondering, where are you at now? How much have you lost? I’m not quite ready to announce those numbers yet, but I can confirm that I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made so far. I have a goal and I plan on reaching this goal by October, with my current eating habits, I’m confident. In the mean time, why not trying some adjustments of your own? Maybe even give cooking a shot, don’t try anything complicated, you can start with something simple like a chicken and veggie stir fry! Let me know how it works out.
For any questions, suggestions, recipes or if you’d like to tell me your story contact me at Jorge4health@gmail.com. I will be looking for people who took control of their lives and made extraordinary changes to help build this into a meaningful and inspiring bi-monthly column.


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