Contagious Divorce – Is The Break-up Epidemic Unstoppable?

Weekend June 19th & 20th live seminars on the self-help bestseller Dianetics: The Modern
Science of Mental Health were held throughout the country from New York to Los Angeles
providing some workable solutions for people looking to resolve marital difficulties.
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2010 — Hubbard Dianetics Foundations across America held another
weekend of live seminars on self-help techniques and many have found relief in using Dianetics after trying
many different ways of salvaging and maintaining their marriage. An estimated 50% of US marriages end in
divorce and is being referred to a contagious epidemic – making its way through family generations, friends and
associates in the workplace.
Aside from the emotional effects, divorce is also costing taxpayers an estimated $30 billion each year in child
support enforcement and welfare benefits to dependent mothers to mention a few. The personal cost can
averaging $20,000 per split and can be upsetting and costly when many have found solutions to prevent
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health written by L. Ron Hubbard contains the anatomy and
description of the Reactive Mind, the previously unknown source of aberrations, which causes one to act
irrationally. A Dianetics chapter entitled, Contagion of Aberration sheds light on how one person’s unwanted
difficulties can become contagious within families, friends and society.
By addressing issues with techniques contained in the book, Dianetics Seminar attendees were able to get to the
root cause of their problems and providing a great deal of relief for the individual, “My marriage was headed
for divorce. And even though we loved each other, something had come between us and I didn’t know what it
was. We tried everything. We went to a marriage counselor, we even went to a psychiatrist and the end result
was we still were headed for a divorce.
“So just when I was about to file the final papers, a close friend of ours insisted, absolutely insisted, that we try
Dianetics. And that is when we knew what had come between us—it was the reactive mind. So not only did
Dianetics give us the tools to save and rebuild our marriage, but we love each other more today than the day we
got married,” as one marital partner experienced relief from Dianetics wrote.
Dianetics is available in 50 languages and has sold over 21 million copies since its release in 1950. More
information can be found by visiting and To locate a Dianetics seminar in your area visit
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