Calexico’s Bulldog Barber Shop

By Patricia A. Aguilar

Calexico has a new barber shop in town called Bulldog Barber Shop located at 840 imperial Ave #B, next to 7Eleven. The Bulldog Barber Shop is open Monday through Saturday at 9am to 8pm, and is also open on Sundays from 10am to 4pm. The prices are great too, for the first couple of months a regular hair cut will cost you $8, and special designs are an additional seven; they take cash but Debit /Credit is available; their prices will go up, but only a couple of dollars at most.

When you step into the Bulldog Barber Shop you are greeted to the sight of classic black and white chairs, clean work spaces, art on the walls, mirrors, and a large flat screen television with a stereo, movies and an X-Box. All of this is for the customer. Jerry Fregoso a.k.a. G-Pop, the most senior of the barbers, emphasizes that what sets them apart is their customer service. “We want people to feel comfortable and know that this is Calexico’s Barber Shop.” And it shows; customers are welcome to sit and watch a game, a movie, hook-up an i-pods or MP3 player to the stereo or even just sit back and play a game on the X-Box. They have even held raffles with the opening of new sports seasons where every paying customer gets a free ticket for a chance to win; already a Dodger, New York Yankees and a Chargers jersey have been raffled off.

It’s also a great work place for the men and women who work at the Bulldog Barber Shop. Fregoso describes working at the shop is like “…never leaving home. We take care of each other and get along great; it’s like a family here.” Fregoso also emphasized that part of the job he likes the most is the people he works for. “They are the best bosses I have ever had. They are flexible with the hours and really understanding when things come up, really they are the best.” With the hours that these guys work it’s no wonder; where most shops close by five or six o’clock in the afternoon, the Bulldog Barber Shop is still open for business. They understand that some people don’t get out of work until late afternoon and keep their doors open for just those reasons.

And it’s not just the hours or new amenities that will have you going to the Bulldog Barber Shop; it’s the quality of work that will keep you coming back. The box cut that costs extra in most places is standard in their hair cuts, and the shop isn’t for guys alone, ladies you can get a haircut for much less than your average salon. The people at the Bulldog Barber Shop know what they are about and it shows; photos of their work can be found on their Facebook page, and already people are giving rave reviews.

It is clear that the Bulldog Barber Shop is here to stay, and in a town where local businesses are closing, it is a refreshing sight to see.