Downtown Calexico is Still Rebuilding After the 7.2 Earthquake

By Mario Conde

After more than a year after the 7.2 earthquake, downtown Calexico is still in the process of rebuilding itself from the damages from last year.

The earthquake caused a lot of damages in Downtown Calexico forcing buildings to be demolished and some were later on reconstructed such as the building on Second Street that had the Oasis Hot Dog stand. Most recently a building on the corner of Second and Heffernan was fixed thanks to a storefront rebate program form the Redevelopment Agency.

Many of the businesses in downtown, however, had to relocate to other places to continue their business. A year after the powerful earthquake that impacted our region, there are still buildings in downtown Calexico that need to be repaired.

“Like everything in these hard economic times there was trouble by property owners to find money to do their renovations and that what it taken so long to complete the work.” Building Manager Ralph Morales said.

The building next were the T.C. Worthy on second street used to be is currently being reconstructed after its roof collapsed during the earthquake. Construction of this building started weeks after the earthquake but it stalled for many months due to financial reason. Morales said that during the next 30-60 days the construction of the arcade of the building will be finished the walk way will be open to pedestrians. The renovation is being partly supported by the City’s storefront rebate program to improve the façade of the building.

The Melrose building will also see improvement this month also since the entire frontage of the building will have to be tarred down. The building was closed for a long period of time after earthquake but opened again after it was shored up. The property owners submitted plans to the City and it was decided that in order to fully fix the Melrose store building they would have to destroy the entire frontage and make a new one. Morales said that the renovation will start shortly.